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  • Straight Gauge Spokes versus Butted Spokes

    Higher tensile strength spokes do not necessarily mean increased durability? Most spokes measure there strength by pulling on the ends until the spokes breaks. This is referred to as Tensile strength. Although the spoke is stronger it is also harder and this process is typically done to spokes that are lighter / smaller across there girth to help resist elastration. However spokes are in a constant state of movement (movement being the key word). The smaller girthed spokes can move more than larger girthed spokes and being harder are also more inclined to fail quicker than less expensive larger girthed spokes. However that is not all there is to it. There are lots of contributing factors to movement such as rim surface area i.e. height and width, spoke count, bracing angles, spoke tension and finally rider weight and intended use, If you are a 200 lb + rider and chose the narrowest / shallowest / lightest rim at the lowest smoke count you probably don't want to use the lightest spokes. Not only will they fail much faster than a heavier spoke but the wheel will move under you a whole lot more when it comes to out of seat efforts. Instead you might want to increase the spoke count by 4 or change the rim option to one that has more volume.

    Check out our large selection of Straight Gauge, Double Butted and Bladed spokes.

  • Free Shipping Special

    Take advantage of our Free Shipping offer. We are offering free shipping on all domestic orders over $100.00 and international orders over $1000.00. This offer is good until 11/26. Happy holidays.

  • We are now up and running in the new location

    We we are officially moved into our new space located at 105 Enterprise Dr. Suit B Cumming GA 30040. We also have our phones up and running as well, so feel free to call us  at 470-253-0929 or email us at . The best part about the new phone system is that all voice mails are now transcribed into text and emailed to us so we are sure to get all messages now (no more missed messages)?

  • We should be in our new location by October 1st.

    We finally received our permits and hope to be in the new space by October 1st. Otherwise we have been busy building new rim racks and organizing the warehouse. Wow it rains allot more in Georgia than in Nevada :)

  • We have arrived in Georgia

    We arrived in GA and if all goes well tonight we should be up and running tomorrow.

  • Another busy night for the grave yard shift.

    All our back ordered A23's arrived as well as stock (tonight is going to be a late night).

    It never ceases to amaze me the ebb and flow of the our wheel building world. One moment we are caught up and the next thing you know a series of back orders arrive and we are buried again. Its great to be busy though :-)

  • ENVE Composites has been declared the winner

    The latest issue of Velonews has declared ENVE Smart 6.7 wheels the clear winner in there product shoot out.

    To read this entire article pick up the July issue of Velonews. To view the original content please go to this link.

    Check out the latest issue of VeloNews to read the full artical

  • New ENVE Composites Smart 3.4 wheels

    Just put together these red Chris King R45 into ENVE Composites Smart 3.4 tubular rims with white DT Aerolite spokes. The ENVE Smart rims are one of the best if not the best carbon wheels to build! Go to to have us build a pair these wheels for you.

  • Velocity Colors

    Along with Velocity having moved from Australia to the United States they have also changed the way the color is applied to there rims. with the exception of white Velocity will no longer offer Powder Coated colors. All there colors will be anodized. One good part about this is the weight will be more consistent as anodizing does not add any weight.

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