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Lightweight for climbing and fast accelerating. Aerodynamics superior to most carbon wheelsets. Extreme stability while cornering and descending with high speed. Sublime braking power and modulation. Striking appearence in both aero and lightweight bikes. Our wheels are made to last, tested on the Paris-Roubaix cobbles, in cyclocross races and inside the cycling peloton by professional and semi-professional racers. Made for riders up to 105Kg and an ultrastiff version for riders up to 125KgCLICK   HERE To Have Us Build This
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Stock Status No
Weight Grams 500
Weight Explained Weights are based on the manufacturers advertised weight and may fluctuate as much as 10%.
Color Black
Drillings 20 hole, 24 hole
Manufacturer A Force
Brake Type Rim Brake Compatible
Material Aluminum Rims
Rim ERD No
Rim Joining Welded
Rim Height 32.5mm
Rim Width Inner 19.2mm
Rim Outer Width 24.2/26.2mm
Rim Size 700 / 29in
Tire Type Tubeless Compatible

Warranty Policies: Prowheelbuilder i.e. PWB custom built wheels come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. See details below:
A. SPOKES: PWB will replace all broken spokes regardless of the cause.
B. LABOR: PWB will cover all wheel related labor i.e. wheel re builds and truing.
C. NON MANUFATURER WARRANTIES: PWB will replace any non manufacturer warrantied rim or hub at 25% off the current retail.
D. MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: PWB will facilitate the manufacturer's warranty, if the manufacturer deems the product warrantable. Manufacturer's warranty is only good as long as the manufacturer is in business.
E. SHIPPING: The customer is responsible for shipping to and from PWB.

Shipping Time Policy: Stock products will ship within 7 working days of order, based on availability. Wheel orders should ship within 15 business days of your order date. This date is independent of the actual shipping time. If there is a problem such as back ordered product / unavailable we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.

Domestic Shipping Policies: Prowheelbuilder is not responsible for damage that may occur during shipping. However we will be happy to help resolve these matters through the package handler. All packages are insured thru the package handler by Prowheelbuilder. We require a signature for all packages. If you request no signature, Prowheelbuilder takes no responsibility for any stolen product.

International Shipping Policies: Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Prowheelbuilder will not alter the customs value.

Return Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with our product you may exchange it for any product we sell within 7 days of receiving your purchase (there will be no refund issued for a difference if a lesser item is purchased). Please note that if the exchange is for a component of one of our hand built wheels there may be a 10% fee associated with the exchange. Product must be in new condition and in the original packaging (spokes do not qualify for this return policy). Buyer is responsible for shipping back to seller.

Order Modification Policy: If you are exchanging your product for a different color there may be a 10% order modification fee.

Refund Policy: Once an order has been placed, no Refunds or Cancellations are allowed. You may alter an order with in 24 hours, providing the order has not been built. If a cancellation must happen a 15% restocking fee will be charged. For any item(s) that is returned or declined a 15% restocking fee will be charged along with the shipping / handling fees.


Our toroidal shape combined with a wide inner bead allows for higher air volume which improves comfort and reduces the risk of pinch-flats. A toroidal wider rim design also makes a wheel laterally stiffer (side-to-side deformation). When it comes to aerodynamics this proves to be superior to the traditional V-shape rim designs. The aerodynamic benefits of the toroidal rim shape has already been proven on carbon rims including our A-force carbon rims. However, we are the first manufacturer to bring this principle to aluminum wheels without adding a weight penalty. Due to the 26,2 mm wide design the rim and tire merge smoothly into one another. This creates an aerodynamic benefit which is unmatched by even the deepest traditional V-shaped bicycle rims. Creating a durable aluminum rim with the aerodynamics and weight of its carbon counterparts proved to be challenging. This meant we needed to maximize the potential of the aluminum alloy. Using 6061 or similar alloys didn’t offer the strength and stiffness we wanted. So we started looking for an alternative. AF9X alloy proved to be the right choice. It offers superior performance in comparison with 6061 or similar alloys on all aspects. This enables us to make the rims lighter, stiffer, more durable and suitable for every rider under any condition. Tubeless tires are the way to go. A technology which is already the industry standard for motorcycles, cars and mountain bikes has now found its way to the road bicycle tire. Tubeless technology eliminates the need for an inner tire. This eliminates the chance of pinch flats and reduces the rolling resistance dramatically, which simply means you can go faster. Unlike the tubular tire’s which provide the same benefits when it comes to pinch flats and rolling resistance, tubeless comes without drawbacks. You don’t have the risk of getting stranded, as small leaks are automatically sealed by liquid latex. However, If the puncture is too big to mend itself, you can simply put in a spare inner tire to continue your ride, like you would have done with traditional clinchers. A lot of development has gone into the tubeless rim shape of the Al33, when installing the tubeless tire for the first time you won’t have to use an air-compressor, any normal tire pump will do the job. The tire will pop into place and will stay in place (even when the tire is deflated). The middle section is deepened to make the installation a 5-minute job without needing any special tools or excessive amount of force. If you're perfectly happy with your traditional clincher setup with inner tire, there is no problem at all. Our tubeless optimized design is fully backwards compatible. Nipple failure is one of the weak spots of bicycle wheels. All stress is concentrated at the contact area of the nipple and bicycle rim, making the nipple prone to cracking over time. Hence our preference is to use internal nipples instead. Due to the internal design, forces are equally divided over the nipple, making it much more reliable. The contact area with the rim is twice as big and the drilling hole is much smaller. This decreases the stress on the rim. For our super-stiff option, we use an extra nipple washer for an even bigger contact area. This makes the wheels strong enough for the heaviest riders under the toughest conditions.

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