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Pro Wheel Builder was established in 1997 as an extension of a Las Vegas bicycle shop (Cyclery N Cafe later know as Pro Cyclery). At that time we had developed our highly sought-after Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso branded wheels which entailed Velocity or Zipp rims and White Industries or DT Hugi hubs. In 2006 Pro Wheel Builder established itself as a separate corporation and developed its Prowheelbuilder.com website. Prowheelbuilder now occupies its own space in Cumming Georgia. We have over 60 years of wheel building experience to handle all your wheel building needs Since its inception, Prowheelbuilder inc. has built several thousand wheels and has developed numerous systems and machines to insure consistency, accuracy and reliability. Prowheelbuilder is constantly striving to improve upon design standards and provide accurate information about what entails a good wheel design.

The Staff at Pro Wheel Builder

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