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Road Disc Bike Wheel PackageAll our packages are hand built by one of two people. Meticulously assembled with hands that have over 40 years of wheel building experience.

This package uses ENVE COMPOSITES disc rims . This packages intended use is for ROAD DISC, TOURING DISC, CYCLO CROSS DISC and GRAVEL GRINDER DISC.

In this package you will find 650b and 700c rims designed for disc brakes only. if you want similar offerings with rim brake options please go to our TOURING / CLYDESDALE packages. At this time the widest rim offered in this package is around 25mm. This is due to the current trend for this category of wheels.

Build time is around 15 business days +/- 2 days. We do offer an expedited 5 business day build option for $50 per wheel. This service is contingent on product availability.

The warranty is what ever the manufacture offers on there components. However we cover all spokes, nipples and labor for 1 year. We also offer a crash replacement warranty. This covers anything the manufacturers warranty does not for 1 year at 25% off the retail price of the damaged part i.e. hub or rim.

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Your wheel should be ready for shipment by May 24, 2024
However due to COVID 19 our supply chains have been disrupted and certain brands may add several weeks to our normal lead time. Please feel free to reach out to us by email at info@prowheelbuilder.com with any questions regarding your orders ETA. Thank you, Prowheelbuilder management.





ENVE’s Disc brake compatible rims accommodate all Road disc compatible bike options such as Road Disc, Cyclo Cross, Gravel and Randonneuring.

ENVE CX DISC TUBULAR is primarily intended to be used in Cyclo Cross. It has taken it cues from all the world class racers and what they would ideally want for this application. There no more ideal rim for Cyclo Cross!
ENVE G23 DISC TUBLESS CLINCHER can be used for either Cyclo Cross, Gravel or Randonneuring. With its 23mm internal width, it balances tire shape and weight savings giving its riders the best stability while making it super light for those quick accelerations or sustained climbs.
ENVE G27 DISC TUBELESS CLINCNHER focuses primarily on Gravel and Randonneuring. Its 27mm internal width paired with its 27.5 diameter makes sure that you are able to run the widest tires to help smooth out those super rough gravel roads.
ENVE 3.4 DISC SES TUBELESS CLINCHER while being an aero wheel the 3.4 disc is still one of the lightest disc wheels money can buy.
ENVE 3.4 AR DISC SES TUBELESS CLINCHER the AR refers to all road. This is accomplished through modified composite layup, hookless reinforced bead and extra wide internal rim width. This makes the 3.4 AR Disc wheel set one of the best all around Gravel, Road, Cyclo Cross or Randonneuring wheel set money can buy.
ENVE 4.5 AR DISC SES TUBELESS CLINCHER the AR refers to all road. This is accomplished through modified composite layup, hookless reinforced bead and extra wide internal rim width. The 4.5 AR wheels are geared more to flatter / rolling courses that are more exposed to wind. This will allow the superior aero dynamic qualities to stand in Gravel, Road or Randonneuring events.
ENVE 5.6 DISC SES TUBELESS CLINCHER while leaning more towards the dedicated aero side, it still will handle reasonably well in cross winds. Ideal for timed events such as Time Trials and Triathlons but not terribly effected by cross winds.
ENVE 7.8 DISC SES TUBELESS CLINCHER is designed with an out and back timed event in mind, such as Kona or your local Time Trial. This rim set excels in tail / head wind conditions with little cross winds.

All the fore mentioned ENVE Composites rims come with their in molded spoke holes. This helps strengthen this critical junction by not cutting through the composite layers and allows ENVE to optimize the layup saving weight while maintaining strength.

This package allows you to select from a number of compatible hubs such as Hope RS4, Chris King R45,  White Industries T11, ONYX Road, Industry Nine Torch, ENVE Alloy or DT 240  and many others. You can also chose from either Sapim or DT spokes and all products are offered in several different colors.

All Prowheelbuilder wheels are optimized for our customers needs by taking into account the riders weight and the components they have selected. PWB hand built wheels also come with a 1 year warranty. This covers any manufactures defects along with labor. If damage should occur outside of what is covered by the manufacture PWB also offers a 1 year crash replacement warranty (please see our policies page for more details).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer ENVE Composites
Material No
Weight Explained Please note that all weights are based on the manufacturers advertised weight and may fluctuate as much as 10%.

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