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Custom Wheel FAQ

FAQ: Why do you have two methods to build wheels on your site?

Answer: Initially, we only offered our CUSTOM WHEEL BUILDING PROGRAM (CW for short). The CW program allows our customers more configurable options as well as, offers guidance through out the build process. However some customers felt overwhelmed by the extensive options in the CW program. So we created the SIMPLE CUSTOM WHEEL PACKAGES (SCW for short). The SCW packages are more specific in there product options and configuring builds is faster. Our hope is that this other method of configuring your wheel(s) is less confusing and simpler. Weather it be the CW or SCW you are bound to find what fits your needs.


FAQ: I have been to other sites and they seem to have easier to use wheel programs than you do. Why all the extra steps..

Answer: Both CW and SCW offer our customers features that few others can claim. The CW for example helps guide you through the build process by taking into consideration the users weight and intended use. Both CW and CSW calculate weight and allow for front, rear or wheel set configuration. These features require that our customers take a couple additional steps. The other reason others might seem simpler is the lack of product. We offer the largest selection of wheel products in the world and this can sometimes lead our customers to information overload. This is why we are happy to walk our customers through the process. Simply call us at 470-253-0929 or email us at help_advise@prowheelbuilder.com and we will be happy to help you configure your future favorite wheels.


FAQ: Are your wheels machine Built?

Answer: Only if you consider the human hands that build your wheels machines. We hand-build every wheel that leaves Prowheelbuilder.com and take great pride in what leaves our shop.


FAQ: Why do you ask me for my weight and does it affect the build?

Answer: There are a couple of reasons we ask for your weight. First is to make sure no inappropriate choices were made by the customer (this rarely happens but if it does we will call). The second reason is it helps us determine how much tension the wheel should be built to and how severely we stress the wheel.


FAQ: Do you use spoke prep or any locking agent when building your wheels?

Answer: In most cases no. If the wheel is properly tensioned and even more importantly stressed thoroughly the spokes will not back off. In most cases spoke preps either do very little or do to much. The only time we use Spoke Freeze from DT is when someone requests a radial non drive side build or if the rider is heavy and has speced a flexier rim in there build. At which point we dilute the locking agent otherwise the wheel will become un serviceable.


FAQ: If I send you my rim(s) or hub(s) to you will you build them and if so how much?

Answer: We most certainly build wheels with your supplied own components (spokes and nipples excluded). Simply go to the CUSTOM WHEEL BUILDING PROGRAM and when you get to either the rim or hub selection look for the SUPPLY YOUR OWN PRODUCT icon. Once you have finished ad the build to the cart, check out, print out your invoice (include it in the box) and ship your parts to us.


FAQ: I do not see that you allow for different lacing patterns per drive side and non drive side. Why is this and can I have you build my rear wheel 3x2x?

Answer: The reason we do not allow for this is we feel as though the pros do not out weigh the cons. However we will accommodate special request such as 3x2x or 2x Radial if you request it in the build notes (providing it does not compromise the integrity of the build).


FAQ: I weigh 250 lbs and I have broken a bunch of spokes and nipples. That being said, I really want to go with green nipples in my build. What do you think?

Answer: Aluminum is stronger than brass. The reason you most likely broke nipples in the past is the spoke length was to short. The only concern you will have with alloy nipples on one of our builds is if you ride in the wet. Wet weather promotes oxidation and will render the nipple unserviceable in about 3 years (give or take a year). That does not mean it will break at that time. If you are wanting over 4 years of serviceability go brass otherwise go green.

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