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Phil Wood Bike Wheels

Custom Hand-built PHIL WOOD Wheels

Pro Wheel Builder is the best trusted online source for custom hand-built Phil Wood wheels. We're able to custom build Phil Wood wheels while using the following rims: HED, Pacenti, Velocity, H Plus Son, Mavic, Stans No Tubes and many others.

With Pro Wheel Builder, we offer cyclists the best options in relation to hand-built wheel packages. We supply wheel packages for particular types of riders, including road bike, touring, triathlon in addition to time trial, mountain bike, track bike, fixie and single speed bikers.

Hand-built Phil Wood wheel packages provide you with the most cost effective in Phil Wood wheel sets. At Pro Wheel Builder, the primary reason for developing these custom wheel packages was to be able to clearly define the standards of what makes a good wheel.

Our hand-built wheel packages take the guess work out of the custom wheel building process. By using Pro Wheel Builder, all wheel packages we sell are backed by our A whole year guarantee.

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