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Price Match Plus Guarantee

Prowheelbuilder's Price Match Plus Guarantee is our assurance that we will do our very best to match and even beat any competitors price on bicycle wheels. Simply supply us with the current ad or bid via URL, scanned page or quote sheet. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. Price Match Plus Guarantee does not apply to second hand, discontinued or liquidation items.
2. Our Price Match Plus Guarantee only applies to wheels. We do not Price Match on parts purchases i.e. spokes, hubs, rims and or nipples.
3. The wheels and there components must be of the same specifications i.e. make, model, year, axle and driver configuration (color, spokes and nipples can vary slightly providing there is no significant price difference).
4. Pricing / promotion must be able to be verified and must be current.
5. Price comparisons must be for completed wheel and not just parts i.e. if there is a labor charge that needs to be accounted for in the price.
6. When price comparisons from companies outside the United States are used shipping and Duties / Taxes will be calculated into the price evaluation.
7. No rebate pricing will be honored.
8. There will be no post order price matching i.e. the price you paid for the order is set once the order is placed.
9. All price matches will be reimbursed in the way of a refund.

Prowheelbuilder's Price Match Plus Guarantee

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