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Manufacturer PWB Signature Series
Weight Grams

FROM: 1460 (w/ PWB Bitex hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes)
TO: 1609 grams (w/ White Ind T11 hubs & Sapim Leader spokes)

Weight Explained Weights may vary by 2% due to rim extrusions.

Warranty Policies: The Ventus Carbon Signature custom built wheels come with a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase. See details below:
A. SPOKES: PWB will replace all broken spokes regardless of the cause.
B. LABOR: PWB will cover all wheel related labor i.e. wheel re builds and truing.
C. NON MANUFATURER WARRANTIES: PWB will replace any non manufacturer warrantied rim or hub at 25% off the current retail for the life of the wheel set.
D. MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: PWB will facilitate the manufacturer's warranty, if the manufacturer deems the product warrantable. Manufacturer's warranty is only good as long as the manufacturer is in business.
E. SHIPPING: The customer is responsible for shipping to and from PWB.

Shipping Time Policy: Stock products will ship within 7 working days of order, based on availability. Wheel orders should ship within 15 business days of your order date. This date is independent of the actual shipping time. If there is a problem such as back ordered product / unavailable we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.

Domestic Shipping Policies: Prowheelbuilder is not responsible for damage that may occur during shipping. However we will be happy to help resolve these matters through the package handler. All packages are insured thru the package handler by Prowheelbuilder. We require a signature for all packages. If you request no signature, Prowheelbuilder takes no responsibility for any stolen product.

International Shipping Policies: Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Prowheelbuilder will not alter the customs value.

Return Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with our product you may exchange it for any product we sell within 7 days of receiving your purchase (there will be no refund issued for a difference if a lesser item is purchased). Please note that if the exchange is for a component of one of our hand built wheels there may be a 10% fee associated with the exchange. Product must be in new condition and in the original packaging (spokes do not qualify for this return policy). Buyer is responsible for shipping back to seller.

Order Modification Policy: If you are exchanging your product for a different color there may be a 10% order modification fee.

Refund Policy: Once an order has been placed, no Refunds or Cancellations are allowed. You may alter an order with in 24 hours, providing the order has not been built. If a cancellation must happen a 15% restocking fee will be charged. For any item(s) that is returned or declined a 15% restocking fee will be charged along with the shipping / handling fees.


We have evaluated and tested 8 different carbon fiber rim manufactures and have made our final decision based on strength, heat dissipation, fit & finish, consistency in manufacturing and deliverablity. The Ventus C line of wheels is intended to be both a high performance and incredibly durable wheel set. They share a similar U shaped aerodynamic profile as many other proven aerodynamic performers as well as being comparable in weight to wheels twice there price. They also will exceed the life span of most aluminum wheels and finally come with a generous 3 year warranty.

We at prowheelbuilder have used our extensive experience to configure a wheel set that utilizes the best non proprietary components available today along with our knowledge of spoke length, spoke tension, stress relieving and truing to supply you with a wheel set we are proud to put our name on.

Ventus wheel sets will ship within 15 business days.The Ventus wheel set is completely hand build, tensioned, trued, stressed and boxed in the USA by Powheelbuilder.com. Our warranty covers all manufacture defects for 3 YEARS. However if you damage the wheel outside of normal wear and tear then we offer a crash replacement program FOR THE LIFE OF THE PRODUCT (to the original owner). Save 25% off all item(s) that do not fall under our 3 YEAR warranty and shipping to and from.

The Road Carbon DISC wheel sets use the following components:

PWB Carbon Disc Rims: They are a tubeless compatible rim made from T700 Unidirectional Carbon fiber, infused with High TG resin and a 33/66 degree fiber aligment to help prevent impact damage. These materials insure that the rim exceeds all known performance perimeters set by UCI or anyone else.

PWB Bitex Disc Hubs: Chosse from either ISO 6 bolt or Centerlock brake rotor interfaces. These hubs utlize a 48 tooth drive ring along with two sets of three pawls which gives the rider 3.75 degrees of engagent. Along with cartridge bearings and a 15mm rear axle these hubs out perform many more expensive hubs and have been utlilized by us for many other wheels builds since 2014 with out any issue. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT MORE HUB OPTIONS

Sapim Spokes: They are the best in the industry! Here is a quick video demonstrating that CLICK HERE.

Sapim Locking Nipples: This nipple uses a unique thread deformation to insure that the nipple will not vibrate loose which can lead to the wheel prematurely going out of true.

Warranty: The Ventus C & Terra C warranty covers all manufacture defects for 3 YEARS. However if you damage the wheel outside of normal wear and tear then we offer a crash replacement program FOR THE LIFE OF THE PRODUCT (to the original owner). The way the crash replacement works is save 25% off all item(s) that do not fall under manufacturer warranty and shipping to and from. Simple as that and you are back on the road.

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