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Here is how this works. Fill you cart with any of the below amounts and simply apply the appropriate Coupon Code in the Coupon Code field located in the cart preview page.

Spend Between $1.00 to $599.00 Equals 5% off Coupon Code PWB5%off
Spend Between $600.00 to $999.00 Equals 8% off Coupon Code PWB8%off
Spend Between $1000.00  to $1699.00 Equals 12% off Coupon Code PWB12%off
Spend Between $1700.00 + Equals 15% off Coupon Code PWB15%off

GOOD UNTIL 12/24/2020

This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
This offer does not apply to PWB Signature wheels.
These discounts do not apply to shipping, taxes or duties.
This offer only applies to items sold on ProWheelBuilder.com's website and NOT on its Ebay stores.
This offer applies to all items sold at ProWheelBuilder.com

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