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The SON delux is one of the first hub dynamos with a generator specifically designed for modern LED lights, like SON "Edelux". The use of LED's reduces the needed power to provide a maximum of light intensity. Hence the SON delux is smaller and lighter than regular hub dynamos. With lights switched on the SON delux cuts down 1 Watt of driving power.CLICK   HERE To Have Us Build This
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The lightest, fastest generator hub. The narrow flange spacing and aluminum axle of the Delux reduce the weight to an absolute minimum. The Delux is strong enough even for gravel riding, but when sprinting out of the saddle, the rim can touch the brake pads due to the low bracing angle of the spokes. For a stronger wheel, we recommend the Wide-Body version of the Delux hub.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Straight Pull Spoke N/A
Weight Grams 410
Weight Explained Weights are based on the manufacturers advertised weight and may fluctuate as much as 10%.
Axle Size QR Front 9x100mm
Bearing Adjustable N/A
Bearing Type N/A
Brake Type Rim Brake Compatible
Color Black
Drillings 20 hole, 24 hole, 28 hole, 32 hole, 36 hole
Gear Interface No
Manufacturer Son Dynamo
Material Aluminum Hubs

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