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Customer Testimonials

Needed a quality wheel set to replace the OEM set on my Trek Stache. I appreciate that I was able to work with one employee from start to finish who built my White Industries XMR hubs laced with Spain Polyx 14mm spokes to WTB KOM Tough TCS 40mm rims. That was nearly three years ago and this 29+ wheel set still spins true today. I have absolutely no concerns whatsoever and will be requesting another custom build for my new Trek Fuel EXE.
Timothy Sedor March 14, 2024
I had ProWheelBuilder set up a pair of DT Swiss RR521 rims w/ Bitex hubs for my Ibis Hakka MX. The Stan's Crest set that it came with are probably fine as a backup wheelset, but I have a little more heft on me, and these DT rims are absolutely bulletproof, beautiful, and straight as an arrow. I am planning on buying another 650B set from PWB in the near future that I can use on either of my gravel bikes. These guys absolutey know what they're doing.
Andrew Yuhas March 11, 2024
The only Con to this company is you will have to wait a long while for shipment.

Now that aside they give absolutely amazing work and quality, even the box they were shipped in was perfectly designed for the shipment.

They came perfectly true, and all spoke tension correct and looks FUCKING fantastic excuse my french.

WELL WELL WELL Worth the Wait! They are a super small company but they do a lot of wheels a year and their expertise shows! Please trust the process and this company with your money!
Dylan H October 27, 2023
I've built only about 100 wheels or so but I have to say this is the best all in one company and webpage out there for wheelbuilding...Thank you Prowheelbuilder for always being 100 % accurate in spoke cuts and quick turnaround.
Greg Nelson May 26, 2023
I've had two sets of wheels custom made and they have both turned out amazing. Highly recommend having wheels made by ProWheelBuilder. Both rear wheels have Onyx hubs- silent and instant engagement are game changes imo. Customer service is excellent; great communication and advise/ help in completing orders. Wheels take some time to be made and delivered, but the wait is anticipated and worth it.
JMB April 02, 2023
I bought a wheel setup for 3” tires for the bikepacking bike. Great build! Wheels were true and built as I request. Took awhile to get them but they delivered in the promised timeframe and the price was great! Would buy again.
Shawn Gilmour March 17, 2023
I purchased spokes and nipples to rebuild 2 sets of wheels. I was able to get the exact sizes I needed. I think it's worth paying a small amount extra to get quality products in the correct size. I would highly recommend this vendor.
Mike November 28, 2022
ProWheelBuilder is great to work with before, during and after the order. Easy to communicate with and customer service is top notch. I would absolutely recommend PWB for your next wheelset
Steven Pedretti October 09, 2022
I recently received my third set of wheels from these true wheelbuilding professionals. The first set has had over 2000 miles of loaded touring and is still as true as the day they arrived!
1 set 700c velocity dyad, 1set 26" Cliffhanger, 1 set 650b Cliffhanger
Stephen Snyder August 17, 2022
I ended up rebuilding an already awesome Lapierre Carbon Cyclocross into a gravel bike... and it came down to the wheels. The super limited clearance of space within the frame forced me to do a deep dive and hunt down the just released WTB Vulpine's back in November.

But that left me with the wheels. When I acquired the bike, it had an old system of Mavic Aksiums on it. The bike wheels needed a more robust upgrade. I canvassed the local bike shops to no end and then... discovered the online wheel building sites. I had NEVER done this online. Pretty sad, huh? It's like, wtf? Kind of like purchasing a couch online. How do you know it's going to be comfortable or even work?

First, i was over at Wheelbuilder, ha... mentioning the competition. Their site was similar and had some of the same components and close price points but then I thought hmmmm, maybe I should google another, just to see if there was somewhere else.

Reddit led me here.

Why did I choose this site? Because this form was more specific with data points and asked for body measurements and what you're using this bike to do? I dug that more detailed and custom approach. It felt like being in a tux shop and a tailor was standing right beside you.

Through trial and error of resubmitting and changing my order details over and over and over (because you need to do that! Compare and research EVERYTHING...) I seemed to discover the ideal wheel set.

Then I clicked submit. That's a lot of money you're throwing down, online, to a computer generated form you might think. What happened next surprised me.

Someone called me. Then they talked me through the specs and the build. And then we established an email banter back and forth... Debra was AMAZING to deal with. She's your go-to for questions.

So...if you're on the fence, email them. Talk to them. Tell them your concerns. Ask them all your questions.

If you think this is a fake review... definitely not. Go watch the inspired by a true story film I wrote - THE RIDE on Amazon Prime. It's based on the life of BMX pro John Buultjens and stars Ludacris and Sasha Alexander. You'll see my name at the top of the credits at the end of the film (there are no credits in the beginning of this one...)
J.R. Reher February 22, 2022
I can not say enough good things about the true and durable wheels (thank you Rich and Preston) and great customer service (thank you Debra) at Prowheelbuilder. I have been riding my 8 custom wheel sets, from HED to ENVE to HPlus to RolfPrima rims, all with Rich-recommended White Industry hubs, bought over the past 10 years, for over 40,000 miles. They all have incredibly true and durable, carrying my 240+lb weight all the way down to my current 170lbs. To say I am repeat and loyal customer would be an understatement.
Mark Suparat Tang January 18, 2022
I ordered Black and Pink Sapim Leader J Bend Spokes and I am very happy with my wheel build! Next up, Rainbow!
Katie January 12, 2022
Thank you for supplying me with excellent quality, custom length spokes. I am one of those weirdos that inspects the quality of the rolled thread on the spokes before I build. So often from spoke suppliers I've used in the past, I find they don't have the dies properly adjusted in their machines and you get either sloppy or more often than not, tight threads. Keep up the good work!
Steven Manthey December 06, 2021
I ordered spokes for my very first attempt at wheel building. The spokes arrived in pristine condition and were also the ordered lengths. I also appreciated the spoke calculator with its built-in database of rim and hub measurements.
James Kodet August 29, 2021
I bought a set of Kinlin XR31s with Bitex Hubs, and have been putting them through the paces for a bit over a month now. The wheels are an absolute treat to ride. In addition to feeling quite responsive, they are exceptionally well built. Customer service was also excellent throughout the ordering process. I will not hesitate to buy future sets of wheels from prowheelbuilder.
Erik Markewich August 23, 2021
I am a heavier rider and had Pro Wheelbuilder build out 650b wheel set. I followed their recommendations on spoke choice for my 32 spoke rims. I ride on very rough roads and off road. The wheel set came very true and looks awesome. With a lot of miles on them they are still true. They are holding up very well and I plan to have Pro build me a 700c wheel set this winter. Very pleased.
John Pedit August 11, 2021
I have been riding my new rim set (Atlas Velocity) since June 15th and have put about 750 miles on them. Just did my weekly inspection of them and still see absolutely no signs of them falling out of tru. These replaced a set of almost 30 year old Ritchey rims. So far so good in a start to get 30 years out of this set.

Only negative I have had so far was the wait of around 2 months to get them. But with the issues with supply chains during covid I actually feel lucky I only had to wait a couple of months.

If you need a new rim set you wont go wrong with using Pro WheelBuilder. While I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted they will definitely help you make the right decision.
Kenneth Warren July 31, 2021
I am very happy the the wheelset that I ordered from these guys (and gals). It came in good time exactly as I had ordered it and they built it with great attention to detail. They were quick to respond to any questions I asked them before and during the process. Wheels were packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition. I will order my next wheels from Pro Wheelbuilder. Thank You!
Anthony Long July 12, 2021
Just upgraded my Spot Rollik. Wanted true tubeless rims but ordered the wrong ones, my mistake. Took longer than expected but I understand supply and demand right now. Love the wheel set!
John Carlson June 12, 2021
I wanted to wait until I had some miles on the wheels before giving feedback. I am a clydesdale rider. I ride hard, but would certainly fall into what Grant Petersen (Rivendale Cycles) would call an "unracer". I love my bike. I chose it and it chose me...but it's not a high end super bike. It's hard to justify spending gobs of money on a wheelset, when really, all you want is something you never have to worry about that fits your style.

Enter Prowheelbuilders.com. I had considered builds in the $400-500 range from my local shop (they weren't really interested) and other online sources. Ultimately Prowheelbuilders.com had the best value, and offered a good strong hand laced wheel for my budget. I been riding these wheels for about 400 miles over varied terrain: road, gravel, bikeway, and single track (including rock gardens). Everything is solid. I have not needed any touch up truing, and I suspect everything will hold together nicely for ages. I wanted a high(ish) engagement hub, and opted for the Bitex MTR--there's not a lot online about this hub, so I'll share here that I am satisfied. The engagement is much faster than a typical factory wheel you'd see on an <$2k bike. The sound is loud-ish, and not unpleasant, but it sounds nothing like a high end hub.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and the quality of work. I'm sold, and will come to Prowheelbuilder.com for any future wheel purchases.
Frank Engel June 07, 2021
What a great group of people to work with! Debra helped me with my order, in light of all the supply chain shortages these days, and the wheels were perfectly built! I will definitely have PWB build my next set of wheels... (Order incoming as I type...)
Greg S May 29, 2021
Keep up the good work! I have building wheels since the early seventies. I find the process relaxing and knowing that my wheels will stand up to long term use without failure.
Mark Drake May 17, 2021
My experience with Prowheelbuilder was excellent from beginning to end. Their selection is unmatched. Their online build tool is intuitive and easy to use. Customer service is fantastic and they respond quickly to emails. I wanted to make a change after placing my order and the process was quick and easy. My wheels arrived nicely packaged, very secure to prevent damage during transit. The wheels look great, completely flawless. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and will absolutely use Prowheelbuilder for my next wheel purchase. I recommend them 100%.
David Hoel February 23, 2021
Just got my wheels this morning. Opened them up and plucked the spokes to find nicely even tension all around, the hallmark of a well-built wheel. I fully expect these wheels to give me years of service. 10/10 would buy wheels from you again.
Archer Sully January 15, 2021
Pro WheelBuilder is exactly what their name says. They are pros at building wheels. I've ordered 4 different wheel sets, three for road bikes and one for a gravel setup, and all are excellent. The staff has been very helpful with explaining the nuances, and the end products have all been great. If you are considering taking the leap to custom wheels, use Pro WheelBuilder.
Mark Telles January 12, 2021
I wanted a extra set of wheels for rough terrain. I wasn't sure
Who to go to...Found "ProWheelBuilder" online. Called and talked to them. They gave me the info I needed.
I had some of the wheel components for the wheels I wanted to build. They said no problem.
Sent what I had component wise out to them and about weeks time they were done and on their way back!
When I received them, I was stunned how great they looked.
Thanks to all the people @ProWheelBuilder!
Todd Friderich November 23, 2020
I ordered a set of DT Swiss R460 wheels using my Campagnolo Record Hubs and I couldn't be happier. The wheels arrived quickly, were true and round right out of the box and the ride is amazing. It's transformed how my bike rides-the wheels are stiff and spin up to speed quickly but are comfortable enough to ride all day. Easily the best wheels I've ever owned. Thanks to everyone at PWB! Paul P. Honolulu.
Paul Patterson November 17, 2020
I'm a heavy rider and a clyde of sorts at 280lbs. I knew I could depend on the stock wheels for a limited lifespan. So far I've had FOUR sets (3 road, one MTB) of custom wheels built from both the signature and custom programs. Not one has required a spoke wrench yet with seasons of abuse that I've put them through. All are still in service. I put 50-100 miles a week on my bikes, and the wheels have been 100% reliable. A good set of wheels can vastly improve the quality of your biking experience. This is the real deal with a lot of experience and no BS. Trust in this builder - they know their products. Bitex hubs are an awesome value.
Jeremy Watts October 28, 2020
ProWheelBuilder has built many wheels and wheelsets for me over the past 8 years: for my commuter bikes, my road bikes, for builds I've done for friends, for my wife's bikes. High-end boutique builds and bomb-proof snow and salt builds.

Each time, the wheels are meticulously laced, true out of the box, stay true for thousands and thousands of miles, rim tape perfectly applied, and packed and shipped in pristine condition. I've sent them new hubs, used modern hubs, vintage hubs, and bought hubs from them. Each time, the build and the experience is flawless. Their turnaround time, both for their builds and for their customer service, in returning emails, is beyond exceptional.

Their prices are fair, transparent, and their online wheel design platform is second to none. I never write testimonials, but folks who have never worked with ProWheelBuilder before need to know just how fantastic they are. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Andrew Kelly October 08, 2020
I finally received my R90SL wheels with sapim laser spokes and got my tubeless s-works turbo 2bliss tires mounted up.

I’m amazed at the weight difference and everything mounted up easily the first time. Very satisfied and my Allez Sport feels like a new bike.

After some minor order modifications due to the pandemic bike part shortages the staff at PWB was very communicative and easy to work with in the process.

Thank you PWB!!

I’ll be back in the future for sure.

Lauren Pelliccia September 26, 2020
After my bike was stolen, I began to look around for inspiration and ideas on what my next ride would be. I am a bit of a deal hunter and I really have to give it to Richard when it comes to providing amazing service and value to his customers. I spent a lot of time looking into parts for building my new set of wheels and nothing came close to matching or beating the price and convenience offered by prowheelbuilders.com. Quality really does speak for itself and the H Plus Son Archetypes matched with Surly Ultra New hubs that Richard put together for me are an absolute dream. Thank you guys so much!!!
jonathon kindle September 23, 2020
I’ve known Rich and his wife for many years they are the best of people.
Over the years prowheelbuilder has built many many wheel sets for me road, mountain, and gravel from geared to single speed in all three. They have all been money in the bank dead on and long lasting great rides. He is the go to guy for all your wheel needs.
Robin Brown September 04, 2020
Absolutely top shelf service. I ordered a custom build rear fat tire hub/rim. My fat bike is primary MTB and I ride hard. I entered the wheel build information on their site and within a day or so I had the information back as to what was recommended for me. I few weeks later I placed the order. The build took a little longer then estimated because I requested a custom color on the hub assembly. I was informed of the delay and it arrived roughly 2 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Build, fit, look and operation are amazing. I simply switched my components onto the new wheel, mounted a tire and I was in business. Customer service of Pro Wheelbuilder is bar-none. Their prices are incredibly competitive as well with any local bike shop and better! I don’t mind waiting for a high quality product because I want it done right. I will be coming to them again and again for further wheel needs. I highly recommend them for all your custom wheel builds and questions. Thank you very much guys!
Matthew Wilson August 25, 2020
Absolutely awesome! Much smoother than my stock Bontrager wheels and not a single creaking sound!!!! It feels so good to ride with confidence. Thank you Debra and Richard at ProWheelbuilder for taking such good care of me. Your consultation and customer service is top notch.
Greg G July 30, 2020
These are great people to work with. All I knew was which hubs I wanted, hope pro 4s. I worked with debra to get a recommendation for hoops and spokes and after working out some color choices i sent my order in. A couple days later preston called me to confirm my color choices and after our talk he suggested what I thought i wanted wouldn't give me the end result I wanted color wise. In the end I went Preston's recommendation on colors and I could not be happier. These things look exactly like what I had pictured in my mind, they're lighter and stronger then what I had on my bike as well. PWB will service all my Wheel needs from now on. Their attention detail and customer service is second to none. Believe me when I say you owe it to yourself to check them out. The attached pic is before a planned face-lift that wil highlight the wheels even more
Thomas Pelley July 21, 2020
The wheels took some time to come (approximately 1 month) due to an error by White Industries on one of the hub drillings, but Pro WheelBuilder was extremely responsive to my inquiries. The wheels arrived very well-packaged and the build looks immaculate. I have put approximately 25 miles on them so far and will update again after more miles. VERY satisfied with Pro WheelBuilder and the quality of their work.
Josh S. June 29, 2020
Simply put, Prowheelbuilder is phenomenal. Debra, walked me through the process in finding a light nad strong wheelset for my weight and riding. Her responsiveness to all of my questions were second to none. She even helped me with ensuring that my Shimano Cassette was properly installed for the hub size. A+ all the way. My next wheelset will come from PWB also, no doubt.
Bryan A June 03, 2020
I have never owned a set of custom wheels. Honestly, didn't think I could tell the difference or that they could be that much better. Well, 7 months later after ordering and riding my custom NOX carbon wheelset, I get it. 1356 miles on my Scott Spark wheels are true with no spoke tension loss! A lightweight wheel can be strong and compliant built with the skill, care and guidance that the folks at Pro WheelBuilder provide. Thank you!

Eric Martorana May 27, 2020
I ordered 2 sets of wheels from these folks and am tremendously glad I did. Debra was excellent and endured way too many questions from me. She was infinitely patient, worked with my budget, made insightful and quality based suggestions and never steered me wrong...even when I wanted more chi-chi spokes. My alloy set is excellent, it was perfectly tensioned right out of the box and ready to roll. Likewise, the set of carbon wheels are almost too pretty to ride, the spokes are perfect and they did not recommend anything I didn't need or want. Many thanks to Richard and all the folks at ProWheelBuilder for working with me. I'll definitely come back when I need a set of CX, MTB or possibly another set of carbon road/gravel hoops. Best customer service.
Keith Morehouse May 12, 2020
Got my wheel set and more than happy! Richard was amazing and help me build my wheel set thank you so much amazing Job!! Prowheelbuilder are the best hands down! the service these guys give you are better than BMW and get more than a 10 from me.. the price is amazing fast shipping and again the best service in the business! I love my wheelset and will always buy from ProWheelBuilder and recommend everyone buy from them!! see you next year with another build for me!! God bless you all and thanks again Richard you Rock!!

Best Regards
Freddy Vazquez
Freddie Vasquez April 06, 2020
I’m a very happy customer.
PWB built my Aforce AL33 ceramic rims into Sapim CX Ray spokes and Chris King R45 ceramic beating hubs. The outcome is a beautiful wheelset.
The Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance tires mounted by hand ( tubeless) and inflated with a floor pump.
I will put many miles on these as soon as I recover from my up-coming back surgery.
Thanks to all the staff at Prowheelbuilder.com !
David Ide February 11, 2020
I have had 4 custom builds done so far, and am in the process of having another build. Obviously I am completely satisfied these people are awesome. My first build was in 2015 other than routine maintenance these wheels are as good as the day I purchased them. I recommend them to everyone I know that is looking for wheels at excellent prices and top notch service.
You can tell these are people that love what they do.
Mike 2020
Michael Ruzicka January 09, 2020
Richard built me a front 29er mtb wheel and rebuilt my front hub for my Niner Jet 9 RDO. Next trip was the rear hub rebuild. I was able to watch him do all the work and regardless of what I spent, I learned alot. He's a wealth of information and a pleasure to be with. Great job Richard!
bob Allard November 03, 2019
i have been using prowheelbuilder for over 6 years. i get all my wheels done by them. road, mtb..anything, i have done over 7 wheels with them.
the quality has always been 5 stars and the costumer service is top notch.
buy from them, you won't be disappointed. too expensive? wait for the specials!
carlos prats August 19, 2019
Had a top notch experience with pro wheel builder!!
Everyone I spoke with was very helpful and professional.
They built up a set of 29in wheels with project 321 hubs for me! And even got them expedited to me when I contacted them stating I had an upcoming trip!!
Will DEFINITELY use them for any future wheelset purchases from here on in!
Thank you guys and girls so much!
Donald Allard July 26, 2019
I have placed a few orders with these guys and the first two were pretty straight forward and got everything I needed to build my own wheels super fast. This third order was straight forward till I realized I made a mistake. I called and they fixed it right away. I wont shop for my spokes and nipples anywhere else. Fast, friendly and accurate service always.
Justin Bammel July 19, 2019
I had been in need of a set of wheels to put on a new 29er for a good while. After asking around for a good, local builder, the majority of responses pointed to PWB.

The entire purchase process was very simple and user-friendly through the PWB website. And the customer service provided as top-notch. My questions about the order were answered very promptly and friendly. The order pickup was very quick and convenient.

I'd recommend PWB to anyone for the great, quality service and reasonable prices.
Casey June 06, 2019
PWB built a set of Nox Kitsuma wheelset laced with i9 Hydra hubs for me. First of, I'm very impressed with the shipping boxes that the wheels came in. They were very well packed and PWB also sent extra spokes and nipples and an information card about the wheels. PWB's customer service is also very excellent. They will answer any questions/concerns right away. My only regret is that I did not have them built my other wheelset (I did not know them before). I highly recommend PWB to anyone looking for a high quality set of wheels at a very reasonable price.
Han May 14, 2019
I had been in the market for wheels and a friend put me on to Pro Wheelbuilder, and after many combinations and deliberations I settled on a great build perfectly suited to my needs.

What really set the purchase apart was not the ease of constructing the build, or the wide range of available product, but the service from the whole PWB crew, namely Debra.

I had what I’m sure was a headache inducing request for my payment options, but like a true rockstar Debra stuck with me and got everything sorted super-satisfactorily. She was communicative throughout and gave what I view as FRIEND-LIKE service (which to me is a cut above “friendly” service).

It was a real treat, and gave me great faith in the entire operation, which is crucial when doing a bespoke, high-dollar internet transaction. If you’re considering a wheel build I strongly, strongly recommend giving PWB your business!
Christopher May 01, 2019
Pro Wheel builder has built many wheels for customers i have been in the bike industry for well over twenty years and i can tell you they build the best custom wheels out there. Last year a customer of mine that weighs 340 pounds came to me and asked for help as he was destroying wheels on his MTB i suggested we have Pro Wheel build him a set, well that set is over a year old and perfectly true with no issues now that's what you call a bullet proof wheel and a happy customer. Don't even think about using anybody else for that custom wheel and there customer service is the best Debra is amazing. Thanks PRO Wheelbuilder.
ERIC ESCALANTE - E & C CYCLES October 24, 2018
I ordered my wheels on 8/23/18. They were supposed to have red hubs, skewers and nipples. On 9/11/18 I received an email letting me know that they do not have the hub in the red color that I wanted. I let them know that blue was fine as long as the skewers were blue too. They arrived on 9/24/18 but the nipples were changed to blue too. No big deal.

The wheels looked great. They sounded great. They felt great. I've only got 190 miles on them but they have been really nice so far. I will try to update this when I get to 1,000 miles.

I highly recommend prowheelbuilder.com to build your next set of wheels.
Jerry Venable October 08, 2018
As a heavyweight rider, I found myself having to true my wheels often, to the point it was getting impossible to get them perfectly true. I even had to replace broken spokes a few times. I started looking for wheels at my local bike shops and the big online stores and was getting totally frustrated. I am so glad I found PWB.
I've had this wheel set (SHIMANO TOURING CLYDESDALE WHEEL SET PACKAGE) for just over two years and could not be happier. They are absolutely bomb proof; I have not had to touch a single spoke. I neglected to save my odometer miles when my computer battery died, but I have easily over 3600 miles on these wheels.
PWB's customer service is unparalleled - they even contacted me via phone and email to clarify some things as my order was being processed. Thank you so much PWB!
Ben Hobe September 15, 2018
After a long & fruitless search for a prebuilt wheel with the specs and price I wanted, I came across PWB. In just a few minutes on their well designed website I put together a wheel with exactly what I'd been looking for, and at a good price. The wheel came nicely packaged and perfectly tuned. I've put about 1000 miles on it and am 100% satisfied. I'll be back for more!
Chris K September 13, 2018
Here is my updated testimonial. I now have a little over 1300 miles on my nearly five month old PWB wheels. Riding mostly on paved roads in Iowa (about 10% gravel), the wheels still look great and roll true. I could not be more happy with these wheels. For me, Pro Wheel Builder wheels are not only reliable wheels, but works of art.
The product, the packaging, the customer service, the attention to detail; all shout out, "We care about what we do!" Cheers, to Pro Wheel Builder.
Ron Roberts April 15, 2018
He definitely knows how to build a wheel and treats it like his own wheel. He found out that my internal gear initially wasn't installed properly that causes the untrue. He ordered the part from the manufacture and fixed it for a very reasonable price. I'm glad that I sent my wheel to Prowheelbuilder and didn't go to the local shop who thinks he knows how to build a wheel. (even though spent time on shipping back and forth, I believe that I saved time because I didn't waste my time to find right wheel builder). Also this website is very clear and I love that to knowing what I'm paying for before I decided to build a wheel. Thanks I'm very enjoying my new wheel!
Inno Kim January 22, 2018
I am very pleased with my custom PWB wheels. I ride mostly on pavement, with an occasional gravel and level B maintance road. The Kinlin xr31 rims, T-11 hubs and Sapim spokes work well together. Thirty-two in front and Thirty-six in rear. They are set up for tubless and no problems. I ordered them for hard use because we have a lot of rumble strips in Iowa. Sometimes they cannot be avoided and the real bad ones take a toll on wheels. After a couple months riding my PWB wheels are still perfectly true. These wheels exceed my expectations. They look cool, they roll fast, and they seem bomb proof. I recommend PWB for high quality wheels, and friendly helpful sales people. Ron Roberts
Ron Roberts December 28, 2017
This is my second set of custom-built Power Tap wheels. The customer service at ProWheelBuilder was outstanding from the design phase to delivery. My first wheel set was from another company and the end result was also good but Debra at ProWheelBuilder reached out and provided very helpful information so I wasn't relying on my limited knowledge. I am glad I followed her recommendations, the wheels are perfect!
John Hess November 27, 2017
I've done factory wheels and built my own wheels in the past, which has lead to a preference for a good quality, hand built set of wheels on each of my bikes. This time, I was looking to do something unique, and possibly custom, for my road bike.

After a fair bit of searching, comparing and general navel gazing trying to figure out what I'd build, I found that ProWheelBuilder.com (PWB) would give me the best bang for the buck on the parts I had decided on. I ended up having PWB assemble the wheels too...it was a free service with the parts purchase and the incremental cost for duties (wheelsets vs. parts have different duty rates when bringing them into Canada) more than makes up for my time in assembling them myself.

My going more custom than just selecting the parts threw a bit of a wrench in the system, but the gang at PWB made sure things got sorted out in short order. My custom colored, custom engraved Onyx hubs with a leading / trailing pattern of colored spokes were well built into my selected rims. Obvious quality and attention to detail were evident from the packaging of the rims for shipment to the wheels themselves. Straight and true hand built wheels done using the parts I wanted and in the way I wanted them put together...who could ask for more?

Whether for parts or complete wheels, I recommend PWB.

Michael Halliwell May 26, 2017
I'm a big fat fucker that tears up rear wheels all the time. I had these guys build me a 32 Hole Velocity rimmed rear that has taken my abuse. I have been known to tear spoke holes out of Open Pro rims like crazy When the time comes they will build for me again, great builders
K.W. Lawniczak April 21, 2017
My OEM ebike wheel had a hop in it. When I went to my local bike store for a new wheel I gave him a wish list and a price range. I guess I wanted too much for too little and never heard back from him.

I entered my wish list to Pro wheel builder.com and found out I could indeed get what I wanted in budget.

3 weeks later I got a package with a gorgeous custom wheel for me, make with ebike Sapim strong spokes and a rugged DTswiss rim.

Later that afternoon after easily fitting it (my first tubeless tire) I went out to test it. Within a half hour I had achieved two new PRs on the two Strava segments I rode. One by 7 seconds and one by 10. I did a 12 mile trip at an average of 21.3 mph. I would say the wheel works! I don't know if it is the rim geometry, the fact that it is now running tubeless, or the Shimano hub being faster, but I guess I really don't care. The combo works. I would recommend ProWheelbuilder.com to my e-bike buddies, and you guys should probably make an e-bike category for this growing segment.

thanks again.

ed sinofsky.
Ed Sinofsky April 13, 2017
This was my first time to order a custom wheel set and PWB provided great service. They provided several suggestions for me to consider after considering my weight and type of cycling. I decided on the Boyd 44 carbon clinchers, T-11 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. This great combination provides for a smooth light ride while handling well in moderate to strong Kansas winds. PWB communicated very well throughout the process and then provide on-time delivery. I have recommended that others on my team check out PWB.

Thanks Debra!
David Langford March 19, 2017
This was my first custom wheel build. I searched and searched online and kept coming back to ProWheelBuilder.com because the prices were far better than anything I was finding at the big named online shops. I've always thought the factory wheels were the way to go, but this experience has me sold on custom wheels. The quality of the work is obviously superior to any factory prepared wheel I've bought. I was a skeptic, but now I've seen the light. If I ever need wheels again, I won't hesitate to come back to these guys.
Nick Waters January 28, 2017
I can't say enough good things about PWB. My road bike gets daily abuse on a long, hilly commute over bad roads and gravel trails. I was looking for something that was light enough to climb well, tough enough for gravel, and precise enough to handle long descents through mountain switchbacks. The ride has chewed up two stock Bontrager wheelsets and even a set of Mavics. Local wheelbuilders weren't able to quote me anything they thought would work for less than a grand.

I considered a wide range of rims, hubs, and wheelbuilders before Debra at PWB suggested I take a look at the Ventus Premium wheelset. Watching a YouTube video of them bombing down trails gave me confidence that they might fit the bill. I'm glad I took her advice. They are light, responsive, and hold true even after a few months on gravel, and the custom red hubs look really sharp to boot.
Dan Chapman November 12, 2016
I worked with Preston. He is an awesome guy helped me out a lot. I am 6'2 270lb and I like to do the enduro/downhill/freestyle stuff with my hardtail. Being as big as I am I trashed some rims in a really nice rock garden. If it was not for Preston and his team I would have stopped riding, he gave me the wheels to bomb through anything I want to with no damage whatsoever. He gave me the confidence again that my bike could keep up with me and that I did not have to worry the whole time if my bubblegum quick release would flex under my jumps. I honestly feel like I am riding rails. The best experience I have had from any store in a long long time. I would recommend these professional and outstanding men to any person who asked me where I got the awesome looking and performing wheels I have. Thank you Preston so much for taking care of me!
Mark Collier September 01, 2016
I have been a mechanic for over 20 years now and even partially owned my own shop. I built quite a few wheels and definitely trued many more.I do all my maintenance myself and would have loved to build these wheels but I don't have the tools available any longer. I moved on to aircraft maintenance as it was a logical step for me. I know quality and craftsmanship when I see it. I could tell even before I took them out of the box. They were packed very well. I am glad I did my research and found ProWheelBuilder. The build quality was exceptional. Thank you! You are now my go to for wheels and my first recommendation.
MICHAEL GEYER May 12, 2016
Over the past few weeks, I spent a lot of time on different websites trying to find the perfect wheels for me. I decided to order from Pro Wheel Builder because of their great selection/prices and their user friendly site.

Two days after placing my order, I decided that I wanted to make a change the rims I selected. I sent an email and received a response from Debra the next morning. Debra was very helpful and was able to help me with the changes I wanted to make. I received very quick responses to every email I sent.

In the end, Pro Wheel Builder delivered a great set of wheels on the expected delivery date. Their customer service is top notch and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend Pro Wheel Builder to anyone looking to buy custom wheels.
Humberto Moya April 06, 2016
I have purchased wheelsets from two other custom wheelbuilders in the past and firmly believe custom built wheels from a competent wheelbuilder are the best way to buy wheels. My riding friends with factory built wheels seem to experience wheel-related problems on a regular basis but my custom built wheels have held up well. When I finally need to replace a rear wheel recently, I decided to give prowheelbuilder.com a try. I knew what I wanted so I placed my order online. Their website was easy to use and informative with lots of choices.

After I placed my order, I decided to make a change to the number of spoke crossings I had originally spec'd so I emailed Richard. The change was made with no problem. My wheel arrived a few days before the predicted date, built exactly as spec'd. Since I work for a testing laboratory, I weighed the wheel on an analytical balance. The wheel was within 20 grams of the weight predicted by the website. I also received a warranty card with the wheel that included the spoke lengths and spoke tension used to build the wheel, something no one else has ever provided. Since then I have ridden the wheel over 1000 miles and it has performed well.

The three custom wheelbuilders I have used have all been good but prowheelbuilder.com has provided the best service and price. I will be a returning customer..
Greg DuBois October 04, 2015
After some very helpful consultation, I ordered H Plus Son Archetypes with White Industry Hubs in with 24/2x and 28/3x lacing of sapim spokes. This is the third wheelset I have had on my Carrera Nitro. The first, Campy Scirocco's, were smooth but the G3 lacing lacked durability, and I blew many spokes. Switched for Reynolds Solitude, which were noisy and also blew spokes. After riding the H Pus Son wheels about 1200 miles, I am confident that these wheels are the best investment I have made on my bike. They are solid, smooth, quiet, and fast. Although I hate the cliche, these wheels have made a huge difference in my cornering, descending, and overall happiness on my bike. I don't race and I am not a tech wheenie--I just ride to be outside and under my own power. I am 5'11'', ride between 200 and 215. This build is bombproof.
Tim Mahoney August 10, 2015
Just received my wheel set and all I can say is wow, the wheels are perfect. The level of service that Richard provided was truly great, there was an issue with delivery of the rims and he not only kept me in the loop as to what was going on but once complete shipped the wheels out on an overnight delivery. This issue was in no way Richards, but he treated me as if it was. I deal with outside vendors all the time and we are constantly having delivery issues with them, its sometimes the nature of the beast, but its how you handle your end customer that really matters and in this case Richard went beyond the call of duty. All I can really say is a huge thanks to Richard and his team for getting me a meticulously built really set of wheels that I expect will last a very long time. I certainly would not hesitate recommending Pro Wheel Builder to anyone. I know where I'll be getting my next set of wheels, from this website!

Thanks again Richard

Best regards
Alan Lowe August 07, 2015
As a senior rider who has done his own wrenching for the past 50 plus years, I’ve successfully tackled most bike building, maintenance, and repair issues with which one is confronted. However, until recently, I avoided building wheels as I thought the process was too daunting. But, I finally placed wheel building as an item on my bucket list.

When I started researching wheel building components and techniques, I was astonished by the extent of conflicting, or erroneous information provided by print and online sources, including manufacturers’ websites — it was as if wheel building was a cult speciality and practitioners were forbidden to provide clear, correct procedures to an outsider. It also became clear how little most bike shop employees knew about wheel building.

Enter ProWheelBuilder. I was fortunate to find I lived reasonably close to the store and I made an appointment to meet with Richard, the owner. Upon our meeting, I entered the discussion believing I had a pretty good idea of the wheels I wanted to build and was primarily looking for components and encouragement. But, it quickly became clear that even the selection of components was more involved than I initially thought. Fortunately, Richard has an encyclopedic knowledge of the combinations and permutations of components and benefits thereof — I won’t go into details here, but suffice it to say you’ll be better off telling Richard what you want to do with the wheels rather than asking for specific components. Richard will offer several viable options at varying price points. You will be very happy with the result whether you decide to build the wheels, or have Richard build them.

To the last point, I can tell you I built several wheelsets for the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. But, frankly, because of the expense of the required tools, it is far less expensive to have Richard build the wheels for you. Further, despite being fairly adept with tools, it took me about 4-hours to do what Richard can do in 20-30 minutes. Richard has years of experience and has invented, patented, and manufactured a number of wheel building jigs and tools for the industry and utilizes these tools and expensive measuring devices to facilitate his quick and extremely accurate build process.

I will also tell you that once you build, or buy a hand-built set of wheels, you will no longer be satisfied with the typical machine built wheels that are delivered on most new bicycles, or sold in big box stores as replacement, or upgrade wheels. You can really tell the difference.

I have been very happy with Richard’s advice and assistance with my builds. I highly recommend ProWheelBuilder’s products and services to anyone wanting a quality wheelset.
Craig Tate July 30, 2015
I needed to replace 1 broken Sapim CX-Ray spoke. I couldn’t find anyone that had them in stock. One bike shop told me they could order them, but I’d have to buy 20 @ ~$65. I found Pro Wheel Builder in Cumming, GA. They had my spoke in stock and could cut whatever length I needed. I drove a long way to them to get my spoke. I was so happy to have my new spoke. I got 3 sizes cut so I was covered and had the correct size. Need some wheels, check out this place. They have all sorts choices – Mavic, HED, American Classic, custom, and more!
jodie July 21, 2015
Building up my first bike from the frame up, I wanted to splurge on the wheelset and get one that will last me a long time. Went with the Stan's Flow EX on Hope Pro 2 hubs, double butted spokes on a stainless steel freehub body.

I've put quite a bit of abuse on them since the build was done, and they feel great. Tension is holding up great, looks true as it can be. I'm really happy with them so far. The 1 year warranty is a nice bonus, but hopefully won't be necessary.

Shipping was only a few days late, I think 2. I wasn't too worried. Rather have it done right and late than rushed and botched.
Quality work for a reasonable price, with a lot of custom options.
Justin Enos May 15, 2015
Debra was super helpful with my order and the wheels are exactly what I was looking for. I love my new wheels (White Industries CLD hubs and DT Swiss X329 rims with Sapim Race spokes) and they're exactly what my disc brake road bike needed to be everything I hoped for.
Thank you so much for providing such a great proudct and customer service.
Joseph Alexander April 14, 2015
Ordered up a set of wheels after getting thorough and patient help from them in selecting the pieces. They arrived, and they're excellent! All the hallmarks of a professionally built wheel are in evidence. There was no settling of the wheel when I first applied weight to them, and of course they're completely true and correctly dished.

I'm hard to please, but I'm completely satisfied with the whole experience, and will look to them again when it's time for another set of wheels.
Marshall March 10, 2015
I ordered a set of stans grails on hope pro Evo 2 hubs a little before xmas. They quoted me 3 weeks which was fair. 2 weeks after ordering they showed up and man. were they awesome. I've put on around 200 miles on dirt roads/ and single track with my straggler in the last few weeks and they've performed flawlessly. The guys here helped me place my order and emailed me keeping me up to speed on my wheels progress. Top notch service and top not wheels
daren January 06, 2015
I had some Pacenti SL23 built by PWB a few months ago. Before this, I have never had a custom built wheel. I have had many aluminum prebuilt wheels before (Mavic SL, Dura Ace, Zipp). These wheels far exceed any that I have ridden before in speed, comfort, handling and braking at a much lower cost. The service from PWB was also perfect...great advice on the build... Pacenti SL23, White Industry T11, Sapim CX Ray (front) Race (rear). I love these wheels!
Greg Powell December 10, 2014
Have been riding my wheels (H Son Archetype rims; White Industries hubs and double butted Sapim spokes) long enough now to review them. They're fantastic, were perfectly true out of the box and have not needed any tuning or maintenance yet. Not a wobble front or rear after 800 or so miles, much of it on rough pavement. Service from Prowheelbuilder was terrific. Richard spent a lot of time with me on the phone explaining and reexplaining the differences between butted and bladed spokes and other points and making recommendations. The pricing was also very competitive and fair. Wheels came shipped in simple but smartly designed cardboard boxes without damage or hassle. All in all, am very happy with the wheels, and concerns I had about buying custom wheels from a company located on the other side of the country proved to be a non-issue.
Paul Stein November 12, 2014
I wanted to wait a bit before giving my review. After riding them for a few months I can say I love these wheels!
I called and told them what I was looking for and followed their suggestions. I went with the White Industry hubs and the HED Belgium rims. What I got was a great set of wheels. I don't race, but log a lot of miles just riding. These wheels are fast, smooth, handle great and bomb proof. His work is awesome and the personal service was super. I couldn't be happier with this wheel set. Thanks guys.
Dave October 26, 2014
Brilliant! Could not be happier - Richard and Debra gave great advice and support through the selection process - super fast turn around for all the adjustments to the order..... Just received my new wheels and they are fantastic.
Roger October 17, 2014
Once I placed my order, I received a phone call, the very next morning. About a small error, which was easily solved. This kind of follow through, shows the highest form of professionalism. I was told, that my purchase was already being collected. I then patiently waited, like a child for Christmas Morning, for my Wheel to arrive. Upon arrival, I opened the oddly shaped box, to Unveil, what I shall say is one of the finest pieces of Craftsmanship I have seen in Years. So, Special Thanks to Preston, who laced my wheel, and to Richard who masterfully Trued and Shipped my Wheel. AWESOME Job Fellas !!! here is a Pic. of it mounted on my Bike.
Christian Michelsen October 08, 2014
I called and told them what I was looking for and followed his suggestions. What I got was a great set of wheels at a very fair price. His work is awesome and the personal service was super. Thanks guys.
smilinjack October 08, 2014
I just recieved my wheels yeserday. {Stan's Ironcross w/Hope hubs} This is my first set of handbuilt wheels and it was worth the wait. I will never buy machine built wheels again. I look forward to having you build the wheels for my next project.
Timothy September 27, 2014
Just received my wheels about a week ago. Took them out of the box and raced the state crit. Rode like a dream, they were true, stiff and built exactly as we discussed. Lead out times were spot on, service was great. Now I am looking at ideas for a second set!

CK hubs, 24/28 sapim spokes with Pacenti rims. Loooove the ride.
Joshua Hayes September 16, 2014
Great Job. Ordered a Velocity Chukker 40 spoke and Velocity Rear Disc Hub with Sapin Strong Spokes for my 29er. Rode the bike fully loaded with food and water, Racks and my 120kg body from Perth to Sydney (4,700km). My major concern was that I had popped spokes previously on a 26 inch 36 spoke wheel when riding Cairns to Sydney and was worried about extra forces that would come into play with 29 inch. This wheel was bulletproof and attracted the attention of other touring cyclists on route. Good job team, thank you. Can't wait to find an excuse to buy another set. If you are a big bloke and to tour or trek with lots of gear, start your build with a set of wheels that will go the distance. One happy camper! Carl Johnston Australia
Carl Johnston August 18, 2014

You built me a pair of wheels almost 6 years ago. I ride my bike about 13000 KM per year.The wheels are still perfectly straight. It's rather unbelievable to me.

The only bad thing is that it doesn't seem like I'll ever have a need to place another order. These ones are gonna last forever!


Lincoln July 11, 2014
Ordered a Velocity Dyad wheel set after falling and destroying my hip as well as my original wheels. I cannot say how impressed I have been with every aspect of my new wheels from Pro Wheel Builders. The ordering process was great. The packing and shipping were impeccable. I had to just look at a perfectly made set a wheels for a couple of weeks. Now having ridden them for a few miles I am so happy that I chose Pro Wheel Builders. GREAT JOB!!!
M Cashman July 10, 2014
I ordered a set of 36H Mavic EX721s with Hadley hubs and am very happy with them. They are a perfectly built set of wheels. I was skeptical about ordering online, but I can say that these wheels exceeded my expectations. Having had the chance to ride on them for a few weeks now, they have held true and I expect them to last for a long time. The ceramic bearings in the Hadley hubs spin forever. Customer service was great, and the wheels were packaged exceptionally well. Although it did take about 3 weeks from the date I ordered to the date I received my wheels, they were worth the wait, especially considering the great price I paid for them. I would definitely do business with prowheelbuilder again!
Tom S May 31, 2014
White Industries T11 Hubs, H Plus Sons Archetype Polished Rims and Sapim CX Rays spokes.

Fantastic Website, Order was easily submitted and selecting what you want to build was as easy as 1.2.3. In fact i enjoy myself just playing with the various builds possible before deciding.
Wheels received superbly packaged.

Awesome wheelset, Well Built, Truest of the true and rock solid.
Mounted it on my Pelizzoli Corsa GP it was superb ride everytime.
Anytime in the future i need wheels built I will get from Prowheelbuilder.


Yong CL
Yong Choon Leong May 18, 2014
Just like the name implies, these are professionally built wheels, round with no hops, trued, dished properly, and evenly tensioned to the right tension. They could not be built any better, rock solid, and delivered on time. For what you get the price is a bargain. If you need a pair of wheels, look no further, this is where to purchase them.
Joe Ruffino May 02, 2014
These guys are the best at what they do; build rock solid wheels. They helped me last year with my damaged FSA rim that didn't make it though a race. They laced up a Mavic to my old hub while I waited so I could be quickly up and running again. That rear wheel is still running true. I've since ordered one of their custom wheels with Stan's Arch hoop laced to a White Industries hub that just finished it's first race in the Hammerhead 100. This wheel is awesome, feels much stiffer and solid compared to the old FSA. The wheel arrived on time and in great shape, they have good attention to detail. I know what kind of quality product I'm getting with Pro Wheel Builder and have no need to look any further. Thanks again guys!
Greg Bley April 14, 2014
My build: H Plus Son Archetype Rims, Sapim Race spokes with brass nipples, 2x front and 3x/3x rear, laced to White Industries T11 Hubs.

My thoughts out of the box: Nothing is quite as nice as a new set of wheels to throw onto your ride. Quality of the parts looked very nice, and the quick tone test revealed all spokes were tensioned evenly...now to pop the wheels into the bike and see how true they actually were.

On the Bike (not riding): First impression is the hubs spin very very smoothly. I own fulcrum racing 1 wheels, and supposedly those hubs are very good, but I can feel the ball bearings swirling around in them. The WI hubs spin so smoothly and quietly as to be imperceptible. I felt no vibration, and spun well. The wheels were within 0.5 mm of true by my estimate and after having put a few hundred miles on them over some pothole ridden rodes, that's how they have stayed.

The Ride: The wide rims of the archetype help make the ride be a bit more compliant, but in my opinion I really felt a difference in the wide rims with CORNERING. The wheels have felt absolutely planted no matter how aggressively I take a turn. Very confidence inspiring. Out of the saddle and during sprints there is no perceptible flex. And the braking surface really allows my brakes to have a solid bite.

Final words: The service has been great, the wheels are excellent, and I got every thing I wanted in a wheel set. Would definitely recommend PWB if what you desire is a solidly built wheel set catered to your riding style, body weight, and intended use!

Colin March 28, 2014
I'm still new at wheel building But I learn very quickly and I needed more information on how to properly take Hub measurements to type into the Spoke calculater! So I went to UBI and read how to correctly take measurements and I typed it into their calculater and the difference between theirs and Prowheelbuilers is that Prowheelbuilders was more accurate than UBI's calculater. I did Not know if I should add or subtract to the closest mm: of measurement? So I compared the two different options and Prowheelbuilders Calculater made it easier for me to decide on what length I should go with! if I would have used the length that UBI calculated it would have been a little bit to Short on my Drive side! I figured what the Hell I'll go with prowheelbuilders calculation and it paided off for me! The Spoke Lengths Where Right on the Money!!!. I'm Well Pleased with my New DT Swiss Spokes and they look great as well! I'm using rims with offset spoke holes and I subtracted 1mm from the None drive side and added 1mm To the Drive side like I should and Prowheelbuiders was more accurate! I laced a Novatec D882SB Rear Hub up to a Loaded AmX Gold Anodized Free ride rim with ERD: of 532 and it is running very Smoothly!
Joseph T Riker December 15, 2013
I ordered the Mavic 823s with Hope hubs. To surprise me more when I verified the rear wheel, it came with the brand new Hope hub with the new 40T racket! You guys rock!
Anthony Ortiz November 21, 2013
I got my wheels last week. They arrived a few days early. Thanks for that.

The wheels are beautiful and rock solid. They look awesome on my Demo 8. I test rode them saturday. They were light, yet had no flex that I could feel. They are confidence inspiring for sure. They arrived in time for Fontana this weekend. I really appreciate it. From now on all of my wheels will come from ProWheelBuilder.com.

Thanks again for the killer hoops!!!
James C November 19, 2013
The staff at Pro wheel builders is Top notch! e-mailed me right away to answer all my questions. Gave me great idea's. The order went through with out a hitch. One of there staff members contacted me with my build status, which I found strange (in todays world) These people really care about the customer. a couple of weeks later. a set of bad a@@ wheels came out of the box. I just ordered another wheel from them. Great company to deal with!
alex padron November 18, 2013
I recently received my first wheel set (MTB Stan's No Tubes FLOW EX, hope hubs, DT Swiss, Spokes 4 Cross Lacing) from Preston at ProWheelBuilder.com. Preston went above and beyond the call of duty explaining the differences in lacing patterns, hubs, rim styles and the reasons to go with one or the other depending on application. I received my wheels faster than the time frame I was given and they were built exactly to the specs stated. I could not be happier with my first purchase from Preston and staff. Thanks for the professional service and awesome product. YOU GUYS ROCK!! Keep up the great work and customer service.
EGarcia November 16, 2013
I needed a last minute wheelset for the Breck Epic this summer and Preston made it all happen on short notice. He walked me through the best setup possible, Enve XC29 rims with I9 hubs. His input was extremely helpful. They were delivered to me on time and perfect. I rode/raced the heck out of these all summer and fall and I haven't touched them. They will be my weapon of choice for the BC Bike Race next summer. It means a lot to have the utmost confidence in my wheels. Awesome job guys. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Mark Freda October 30, 2013
thanks heaps had my first ride on your singlespeed wheels this morning phil hubs 32 3 cross and velocity rims felt great! everything done as ordered well packaged and arrived quickly will definitely use your services again and have happily recommended you to my riding mates.
BRIAN BATEMAN September 20, 2013
Just got my first wheelset from prowheelbuilder.com and it was an awesome experience. I had them build me a stans notubes ztr flow ex wheelset with hope hubs. They were super helpful and responded to my emails very quickly. The wheels were exactly how I ordered them and came in a beautifully packaged box. They shipped them within the timeframe that they set. Wheels were super true and flawless. I'm defiantly ordering from them again!
Jared Tran September 11, 2013
Wow! Just rode on my new tour wheel with White Industry hub...rolls forever plus I was promised it in a about a week since it was in stock...it shipped the next day! Now that's the kinda place I like working with! Thanks for a great experience! CDB in Missouri
Curtis Burton September 10, 2013
One of the most dependable online merchants I've ever encountered.
Keep up thebgood work!
Amazing wheels, great price, and incredible customer service. Could not be happier with my purchase of HED Belgiums with Chris King hubs. I am a 23mm rim convert now. Comfort and handling are greatly improved and the wheels truly are faster. At 3000 miles now the wheels have been virtually bombproof and that is for a bigger guy that rides aggressively. That being said NO wheel is designed to handle the crash I had yesterday. Now PWB is replacing my rear rim at a discount with no charge for other parts or labor. Cannot recommend PWB enough. I will continue to buy my wheels from them.
RW September 03, 2013
As a Clydesdale rider I am lucky enough to build my own wheels to last. I'm very picky about the components I use and I really let them be known while ordering spokes here. As fussy as I am, my concerns were well taken at PWB. Small purchase, small potatoes guy but I was treated as if I had spent thousands. Great customer service!
Mr. Beanz August 23, 2013
I wanted to wait to review my wheels (Kinlin XR270 front, XR300 rear laced to Miche Hubs) til I had put some miles on them, and after about 4 months and 700 miles later, I love these wheels. I wanted to upgrade the stock wheels on my track/ commuter bike and chose PWB because you can get exactly what you want and they beat anything you can get off the shelf. Plus no one else will have a set like you. They took a little longer that expected because of some out of stock parts, but as soon as that was sorted (with a little upgrade, no charge) I received my wheels and have been flying on them ever since. I am completely satisfied with the product, service, and experience. My next wheel set will be from PWB. Thanks!
Fred E August 22, 2013
These guys are great! I contacted them to see if i could get my wheels any quicker for a race and they went above and beyond for me. The owner drove 30 min at night to get them to fed ex. Everytime i called i spoke to a person, always polite despite my daily calls. I havnt recieved the wheels yet but im sure from there professional business relations they will be great. Thank you so very much prowheelbuilder! Special thanks to Richard (owner helping out a racer)

Bill July 24, 2013
I've been riding on the rear wheel I purchased from you for 2 weeks now practically every day. I'm am very pleased with my purchase and really enjoyed using your website. It takes all the guesswork out of building a wheel to suit your needs. My wheel was delivered on time and well packaged to avoid being damaged in shipping. Your prices are very competitive and I was actually expecting to pay more for what I purchased. Hope to do business with you again.
John June 08, 2013
Wheels arrived yesterday within the timeframe advertised. Spoke tension is high and even. Wheels are straight and true. Nice job PWB!
MPB in WNC June 07, 2013
i just moved from San Diego to Florida, and didnt know any good wheel builders in the East Coast, luckily i found this guys!
i ordered a B43 rear wheel for my new track bike, it was so eazy to order it amazing website, really profesional! my wheel arrived before i was expecting, very good packaged! really nicely done! im really happy! i would definitely order my new wheel set for my road bike!!
thank you guys!!!
javier palacios May 28, 2013
My new Enve 6.7 clinchers on Chris King hubs are the most awesome wheels I've ever ridden. They are better than the hype you read. If you want fast, light, comfortable and pro bling, these are the thing..
G Warwick May 11, 2013
I just spent the weekend riding on my new wheels(Dt Swiss RR585 rims/ Chris King R45 hubs). Wow, it was like being on a different bike. The wheels rode smoother and were stiffer than the set that they replaced(Fulcrum Racing 1), and cost $300 less! I am sold, will be ordering from you guys from now on.
TerryRyder April 21, 2013
Awesome job on the wheel build! DT Swiss FR600, Transition Revolution v3 hubs, Stan's No-Tube kit! THANKS!!
Rob Kuhn March 04, 2013
I just wanted to say thank you for the wheel build. I have really enjoyed riding the HED with White industry hubs. You were correct in saying I would not be disappointed. The craftsmanship and customer service are unparalleled. You have gained a customer for life. Next up some wheels for my 29er build. Thank you again, these road wheels ride like butter.
Abel February 26, 2013
Ordered a set of FlowEx with black spokes and red nipples laced to red Chris King hubs.
I knew I was going to have to be patient as the Christmas rush and holidays coming up. Richard was nice to stay in contact with me on the status of my wheels. Needless to say when they wheels arrived, it was worth the wait! They came out BEAUTIFUL!! I checked the trueness and tension and they were topnotch.
I've been building up a dream bike using a Santa Cruz Blur LTc, SRAM components, KS Lev, Fox fork/shock, Easton Have carbon bars, Thompson stem, Candy pedals. The last piece to finish off the bike were the ProBuilder wheels. Putting on the wheels and seeing the complete bike was just a huge sigh of satisfaction and accomplishment for me, know I ordered the right wheelsets.
Thank Richard and ProWheelBuilder.com!!!
David from the Big Island, Hawaii January 14, 2013
I buy most everything online these days. There are a few online stores that 'do it right' - like Amazon, ModernBike - and I have found another one - ProWheelBuilder.com. I am a rather hard core 'recreational' rider - centuries and work commuter (36 miles per day) and have been riding my carbon fiber geared bike now for the past 6 or 7 years. I traded a friend a pair of pedals for an old Raleigh chromoly steel frame and thought I would jump into building up a commuter single speed bike. I also thought while at it, why not build my first set of wheels. I didn't know what I was doing - still learning every day - and have spent more time on Sheldon Brown's website than I have with my wife the past 6 months. With enough knowledge to be dangerous, I started dealing with ProWheelBuilder. I had lots of questions and was and continue to be very impressed with the patience shown me by both Debra and Richard Craig - the owners. They are responsive to email and phone questions and concerns, they are honest and they possess just enough of a sense of humor to get through it all. I made some mistakes in my initial ordering and Richard came through with another solution for me very professionally and to my complete satisfaction. I love this site and have had so much fun putting this bike together - I know I will be building another and another and I will buy all my wheel stuff from ProWheelBuilders. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks Richard and Debra and keep up the excellent work and customer service!!!
Steve Pieri December 19, 2012
Just ordered my second wheelset from Prowheelbuilder for my second Lynskey titanium road bike, the R330. I have put almost 3000 miles in six months on my first Prowheelbuilder wheelset on my Lynskey Helix OS and the wheels have remained true and smooth spinning over all types of roads in Thailand. Whether I am doing my 50 mile Saturday and Sunday club rides or riding solo centuries along the coastal roads in southern Thailand and the beaches in Hua Hin, my thoughts and thanks are always with you for building me such a great and reliable wheelset.
Mark S. Tang October 24, 2012
After looking for what seemed like forever for a decent online spoke calculator I finally stumbled upon your website..
I had previously used the DTSwiss and Sapim spoke calculators but recently their websites have been updated at which time it would seem that the spoke calculators have been taken down..
I've now used your SpokeCalc with great success, it's so easy to navigate too..
Please, please, please never get rid of it :) ..
Dan October 15, 2012
Love my new wheels with Velocity Deep V + White Ind hubs! Thank you.
JC September 29, 2012
Purchased a set or H plus Archteypes end of July, got a message from pro wheel buillder of the back order after my wheels didn't show up on the current shippment.
gave a date of 8/28/12 as the possible date, sure enough got a message about the recieving and shipping out of my wheels, 2 days (8/30/12) later I recieve my wheel at the door.

good customer service and great communication, great prices.
will shop here again.

thanks guys
Gerard Gervais August 30, 2012
Greetings Pro Wheel Builder dot com I tried out my new wheels today on the New Mexico Velo Sport Saturday Team ride. We went from Albuquerque, to Bernalillo, to Placitas, up over the dirt/rocky road (8-miles) up to ~9000 ft above the Sandia Peak Ski Area, descended down (pavement) back to Tijeras, and then returned to Albuquerque [70+ miles]. The wheels are straight & true like brand new after a thorough test out. Thanks for your attention and professional assembly of a very fine and enjoyable wheel set. Sincerely, JSR
JSR August 29, 2012
I'm Michael, a Cat 1 out of Vegas. I had bought a set of stock Zipp 404 wheels that I thought would do just fine for crit racing and training. A buddy of mine had the same rims, but one of the pawls in his rear hub broke and the gear would not engage, cauzing it to slip during an important race, which took him out of the running due to his hub mechanical. Nothing against Zipp hubs, but When Rich, the owner of Pro Wheelbuilder.com, showed me the inside of a Zipp hub compared to a White Industry hub, I was shocked!. I immediately had Rich build me a wheel from scratch using the Zipp rim, White industry hub, flat black spokes, and replaced the old rim tape with nipple plugs. I did all of this for the around the same price as buying the stock wheels, and let me tell you the wheel is ten times better than it was coming out of the box from Zipp. It's like a Zipp wheels on steroids!. I use em to climb, crit, train....anything and everything. I love em!. Trust me, Rich will guide you through the whole process in building a wheel that is perfect for all of your needs. He did it for me. Thanks Rich! Michael .....AkA...."Chicky"
Michael August 29, 2012
I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the wheels. I appreciate the time you took during the order to ensure I got the best wheels for my needs. The end product is top notch! While no wheel can ever be the "one wheel quiver" these come very close. Thank you again.
Devin Reiss August 29, 2012
Greatest guys ever! I recently purchased two rims and spokes from them and everything was great from customer service to the fast turnaround time for my products. I highly recommend them.
anonymous August 24, 2012
I received my front Velocity Dyad rim with Shimano 105 hub a couple of
days ago. It made my day to come home and find my new wheel waiting
for me. I headed straight to the garage to make the change. First, I
checked the spoke tension with the old squeeze test. It seemed
uniformly tight. Nice. Next, I put the wheel on the fork without a
tire and gave her a spin. Wow, that's really, really true and minimal
vertical hop too! The only thing left to do was install the tape and
tire. I've put 15 miles of rough city roads on the wheel so far, and
it's as true as it was out of the box. I wholeheartedly believe this
wheel will out live my bike. Thanks guys!

--Update-- I'm as happy now as I was a month ago. The wheel has
over 600 miles on it now, and it's as good now as it was then. Todd
Tforret July 17, 2012
To the good folks at PWB, I placed an order with you guys on May 4, 2012. I requested Black MSW Velocity Dyad rims with White Industries Hubs, &amp; DT Swiss spokes &amp; nipples. You guys exceeded my expectations to say the least!!! My wheels arrived days earlier than expected and the wheels are super true. There was no need to true them even after the rough haul all the way to Alaska. Oh, and of course they look awesome!! Thank you so much for your promptness and good service!! Happy Tailwinds, Ashleigh Reed Haines, Alaska
Ahaines May 17, 2012
This site is amazing! The custom build tool is GREAT I'll be buying my next set of wheels from you guys for sure.
GP April 24, 2012
AWESOME! Love your spoke calc. Thank you!
anonymous January 24, 2012
I ordered a set of DT Swiss RR 1.1 with 190 hubs in the spring of 2010. I have more than 3k miles on the wheelset with no issues. Great service, great product. Thank you Richard.
Tom Tabuso June 11, 2010
Just wanted to leave my two cents from a customer standpoint. Prowheelbuilder.com is a great site: easy to navigate, great information, and up-to-date products. I called with some information at hand and was helped the rest of the way to get the best wheel for my application. The process was smooth, quick and worry-free. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a custom wheel to prowheelbuilder.com. Thanks for an awesome wheel! It looks great on my 1987 Schwinn fixie. Best regards, Craig
Craig August 13, 2009
i have been looking for a custom rims to lighten my cannondale scalpel 4 with lefty front shocks and this is where i found it. hopefully in a couple of months i will be able to buy my dt swiss rims for my bike. anyway this site is awesome. very easy to navigate and customize you own rims/wheels. and the the weight is automatically shown when you're done with the choices. great site!
don July 25, 2009
Love the wheels. Custom white Phil Wood fixed with white Velocity rims. Black/White interlaced spokes. The ride is fantastic and they were delivered in less than 15 days. Richard was very helpful in answering questions about placing a "dual" freewheel on the fixie Phil Wood. Works great! Thanks again.
Rick July 15, 2009
Just wanted to say thanks and I can't believe how great the wheels are that I bought. I purchased a set of Velocity Dyad Rims w/DT Swiss spokes and Shimano XT hubs back in January for my tandem. It's now June and I've officially put over 1,000 miles on them and they are as true as the first day I bought them. I honestly believe they are probably the best wheelset I've ever owned. I say this because I haven't had to do anything to them at all. I just check the tire pressure then get on the bike and go. They are a huge improvement over the stock rims that came with the bike and provide me incredible peace of mind when I'm flying down hills at 40 - 50 mph with my wife seated behind me. By the way she wanted me to add that the wheels make the tandem look sexy (haha). Take care and keep up the great work!! Sid
Sid Solano June 19, 2009
I had a custom wheelset made. I received them 3 weeks from the order date. They were dead true and all the spokes had equal tensions. I took them out on a 55 mile maiden cruse and they are flawless. I got a lot of comments from friends about how sharp these wheels look on my Orbea. Black hubs and nipples with white spokes and white Deep V's. It really makes the bike unique. Thanks Richard for the lacing advise and top notch wheel smithing. These wheels are bomb proof.
Tony Buck May 22, 2009
I ordered my custom wheel set and they were shipped within 5 business days! They were built flawlessly and spin extremely smooth. I would recommend these guys to anyone wanting a custom wheel set.
Justin January 14, 2009
Richard at www.prowheelbuilder.com laced these hubs to a great looking pair of DT swiss rims (5.1D's). They are fast and look the part. I really wanted something different. These hubs are classic looking, the engagement is solid, and they are fast... highly recommend. both, the white industries Hubs, and prowheelbuilder.com. Thanks richard!!!
Jekyll January 12, 2009
I just used them in October to build a set of road wheels (Velocity Aeroheads, Sapim Race, White Industries hubs and USE Spinsticks). I asked for 24 front 2x and 28 rear 2x and they built them as specified. They advised about 2 weeks before shipping, and they arrived in good order in two weeks. They appear to be built well and have remained true (for the two months I have been riding on them). Would I use them again, YES.
Tzvia January 12, 2009
richard, the wheels are great. i rode a hundred miles this weekend. I hit a lot of bumps and the wheels are still true. thanks again. looking forward to buying more wheels from you. xavier
Xavier January 12, 2009
I would like to say Thank You to Rich over at www.PROWheelBuilder.com in Vegas, who went out of his way during his extremely busy schedule to lace up a set of SunRingle A.D.D. LITE Downhill wheels for me to use in Colorado those wheels helped get me on the podium! See the posting at http://quintonspaulding.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/crankworx-winter-park-colorado/
I purchased a set of Reynolds DV46C's with a PowerTap wireless 2.4 in March of 08. It's now 11/1/08 and the wheels are still running perfectly true after 6,000+ miles...no issues. My riding partner has the same wheels with the same miles and no issue with his either. If you want a bombproof FAST carbon wheelset that can be used daily, this is a great choice. The PowerTap has worked perfectly as well. I will definitely purchase any future wheels from Pro Wheel Builder. Richard was very helpful and provided great service.
Scott Mullins October 26, 2008
I recently received my first wheelset (road, Niobiums, with White Hubs) from Richard at ProWheelBuilder.com. Richard went above and beyond the call of duty explaining the differences in lacing patterns, hubs, rim styles and the reasons to go with one or the other depending on application. I received my wheels within the timeframe I was given and they were built exactly to the specs stated. I could not be happier with my first purchase from Richard and staff. Prowheelbuilder will be building my Powertap set up ASAP!!! Thanks for the professional service and awesome product.
John C September 19, 2008
I was going to buy a set of wheels from thebikebiz.com. White Phil hubs to white Deep Vs. Here's a quote from the email they sent me: "Wheel price would be $675 USD, and shipping will be approximately $200 USD". So... $875. Yesterday I received a pair of the exact same wheels from Richard at prowheelbuilder.com. Total cost including shipping: $594.70. That's almost $300 difference for the exact same item. I ordered them Sept 6 and received them September 18, so less than two weeks later. I only had to pay $31 in taxes and no customs. The wheels are fantastic and the price was great. Thanks Richard!
Lincoln September 18, 2008

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