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The PWB Story


In 1994 Cyclery N Cafe opened its doors in Las Vegas NV. Shortly afterwards ProWheelBuilder started selling its Signature Wheel Packages. They consisted of the Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte and were optimized for weight, durability, ride quality and aerodynamics.

As of 1997 ProWheelBuilder had built between 300 to 350 wheels.

By 1988 Cyclery N Cafe changed names to ProCyclery and relocated to a larger space with ProWheelBuilder in tow.


In the early 2000's there was a renewed interest in custom hand-built wheels. ProWheelBuilder started receiving orders from people throughout the South West.

2006 marked a significant increase in sales by which time ProWheelBuilder became an E-Commerce business. In the first year as ProwWheelBuilder.com we built over 1500 wheels. This was a sizable jump from the 100 to 150 wheels per year.

By 2008 ProWheelBuilder.com had taken over a dedicated space within ProCyclery to accommodate its increased growth. During this time we refined the website, grew our inventory and developed more procedures to increase repeatability.

2011 ProWheelBuilder.com moved to a dedicated building and left ProCyclery.


By 2012 we decided to relocate 2500 miles East to Cumming GA. This move was all about change, we traded in beautiful sunsets for blue skies and green trees. We left behind several very good friends but are making new friends and to be closer to family.

ProwheelBuilder.com continues to grow and change with the dynamic bicycle market. Our goal is as it always has been, to offer our customers the Best Hand-Built Wheels money can buy.

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