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Shipping Time Policy: Stock products will ship within 7 business days of order, based on availability. Semi Custom and Custom wheels should ship within 15 business days of order. This date is independent of the actual shipping time. If there is a problem such as back ordered product / unavailable we will contact you as soon as possible.

Domestic Shipping Policies: Prowheelbuilder is not responsible for damage that may occur during shipping. However we will be happy to help resolve these matters through the package handler. All packages are insured through the package handler by Prowheelbuilder. We require a signature for all packages. If you request no signature, Prowheelbuilder takes no responsibility for any stolen product.

International Shipping Policies: Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Prowheelbuilder will not alter the customs value.

Return / Refund Policy: All returns, exchanges or cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Product must be in new condition and in the original packaging (spokes are not eligible for refund and do not qualify for the return policy). Buyer is responsible for shipping back to seller.

Warranty Policies: Prowheelbuilder custom built wheels come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. See details below:
A. SPOKES: PWB will replace all broken spokes regardless of the cause.
B. LABOR: PWB will cover all wheel related labor i.e. wheel re builds and truing.
C. NON MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES: PWB will replace any non manufacturer warrantied rim or hub at 25% off the current retail.
D. MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: PWB will facilitate the manufacturer's warranty, if the manufacturer deems the product unwarrantable. Manufacturer's warranty is only good as long as the manufacturer is in business.
E. SHIPPING: The customer is responsible for shipping to and from PWB.
F. SUPPLY OWN PRODUCT BUILDS: None of the above warranty is applicable to supply own product wheel builds.

Product Availability Policy: In most cases Prowheelbuilder orders the product at the time the order is placed with us. This insures that you receive the most up-to-date product. Prowheelbuilder takes no responsibility for any changes the manufacturer might make.

Weight Policy: In most cases the weights on ProWheelBuilder's web site are derived from the manufacturer. It has been our experience that these weights are accurate within 10%. ProWheelBuilder takes no responsibility and no refunds will be issued for inaccuracies in weight.

Image Accuracy Policy: ProWheelBuilder takes no responsibility for color or logo discrepancies. If the color or the logo of the item you receive does not match the image on the web site, No refunds will be issued.

Color Discrepancy Policy: The color of items we sell may vary due to the nature of anodizing and powder coating. Rims, spokes, or hubs of the same make and model may vary in hue. ProWheelBuilder takes no responsibility and no refunds will be issued.

Build Decline Policy: Prowheelbuilder reserves the right to decline a customer's build specifications for the following reasons:
A. Prowheelbuilder deems the specifications unsafe.
B. The manufacturer. does not support such specifications i.e. Radial Lacing.
C. The specifications can not be accommodated by the manufacturer. i.e. 24 hole rim and 28 hole hub.

Information Disclosure Policy: ProWheelBuilder.com, its parent company and any subsidiaries will not share, sell, or otherwise provide customer's personal information to any third party.

Price Match Plus Guarantee:

Prowheelbuilder's Price Match Plus Guarantee is our assurance that we will do our very best to match and even beat any competitors price on bicycle wheels. Simply supply us with the current ad or bid via URL, scanned page or quote sheet. 

Terms and Conditions:

1. Price Match Plus Guarantee does not apply to second hand, discontinued or liquidation items.
2. Our Price Match Plus Guarantee only applies to wheels. We do not price match on parts purchases i.e. spokes, hubs, rims and or nipples.
3. The wheels and there components must be of the same specifications i.e. make, model, year, axle and driver configuration (color, spokes and nipples can vary slightly providing there is no significant price difference).
4. Pricing / promotion must be able to be verified and must be current.
5. Price comparisons must be for completed wheel and not just parts i.e. if there is a labor charge that needs to be accounted for in the price.
6. When price comparisons from companies outside the United States are used shipping and Duties / Taxes will be calculated into the price evaluation.
7. No rebate pricing will be honored.
8. There will be no post order price matching i.e. the price you paid for the order is set once the order is placed.
9. All price matches will be reimbursed in the way of a refund.




Prowheelbuilder reserves the right to amend any of its policies at any time.

The Staff at Pro Wheel Builder

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