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Wheel Build Advice Form

This page is intended to help those who have no idea what to select when building a custom wheel or want advice on what rims, spokes nipples and hubs we think would be best suited for a given use.

This page will offer tutorials that explain what you will need to know in order to make sound product choices to meet you needs.

There will also be a form coming shortly that allows you to quickly select personal information such as ability, weight, intended use, brake type, budget and category i.e. road, track or mtb. Once those are selected you can add additional notes. Once the form is submitted Prowheelbuilder will make our most preferred suggestions for you to chose from.

Name:* Email:* Budget (e.g. $500 or $650 - $1500):* Rider Weight:* Experience* Protection Code:* Please, enter the text shown in the image into the field below. captcha code reload Intended Use* Weather Type* Durability Expectation (there is no guarantee/warranty that comes with our suggestion!)* Wheel Type* Brake Type* Front Axle Preference* Rear Axle Preference* Comments or questions Driver Prefrence* Wheel(s)* Wheel Diameter* Tire Type* Tire Width*