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Prowheelbuilder offers the largest selection of custom wheels in the world. Using our custom wheel-building program you will select from ALTO CYCLING, BITEX, HADLEYIBIS, DERBY, ASTRAL / ROLF , A FORCE, BOYD CYCLINGPACENTI, STANS NO TUBES, KINLIN, NOX COMPOSITESH PLUS SON, HED, WTB, SHIMANO, ZIPP COMPOSITESDT SWISS, ENVE COMPOSITES, MAVIC, WHITE INDUSTRIES, WHISKYSAPIMSPANK, RACE FACE.  PAUL COMPONENTS, EASTON and SURLY so you can build the wheel(s) you have always wanted. Many people think custom equals more money. This is not true. In many cases, our custom wheels are less expensive than stock or pre-built wheels such as REYNOLDS or ENVE COMPOSITES. http://www.prowheelbuilder.com uses an exacting protocol to determine lacing patterns, spoke count and spoke tension based on the rider's weight and intended use. We also take suggestions on patterns and spoke count, giving your wheel a unique flair (providing we deem your choices safe). Spice up your wheels with color using CHRIS KING, INDUSTRY NINE, HOPE TECH, PHIL WOOD, ONYX RACINGVELOCITY, VELO ORANGE or COLORED SPOKES. Chose from RED, BLUE, WHITE, GREEN, PINK, ORANGE, BLACK or SILVER

Prowheelbuilder.com Now offers service to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Singapore. Take advantage of currency exchange rates and save even more. Have fun building your custom wheel with Prowheelbuilder.com.