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Welcome to the PWB custom wheel building program. Provide us with some information about you, select the components you would like used in your wheels and with in 15 business days you will have fully hand built set of wheels shipped to you. Enjoy your wheel building experience.

Choose a Wheel Category

Aero / Road / CX

Wheels that use rim brakes for road bike applications. Ultra aero, super light, dirt road wheels or just everyday riders.

Road Disc / CX Disc

Road disc, gravel grinder or do everything wheels. If it runs disc brakes and is intended for Road Bikes or Cyclo Cross applications then its in this category.


Perfect for those that want a bomb proof wheel set. If you enjoy Touring, Randonneuring or simply want a more robust wheel our selection of heavy duty rims, spokes, hubs and nipples that will more than accommodate your needs.

Track / Fixed / Free

Single cogged asphalt or track wheels. In this category you can build Fixed, Free, Double Fixed, Double Free or even Coaster Brake and Internally Geared wheels.


Two people only? Not necessarily! We build wheels for three and even four person bikes. It does not matter how much the combined weight or the intended use, we can build it. Enter this category and start building your dream multi person wheel set.

MTB Single Speed

It does not matter if you need a classic freewheel or more modern cassette single speed hub, we will have every combination in here (the only exception are FAT RIMS).

Mountain Bike

If you need Mountain Bike wheels for Cross Country, All Mountain, Free Ride, Down Hill or just want to have fun. You will find all your geared Mountain Bike wheels here (the only exception are FAT RIMS).

Fat Tire

Exploring the back country or blasting through the snow, Fat Tire wheels are what you will need to get the job done.

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