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Ventus, is the Latin word for wind. The Ventus wheel set has been optimized to excel in windy conditions. Due to the Ventus's 24mm wide and 31mm deep rim cross section we are able to use a scant 20 spokes in the front wheel and 24 spokes in the rear wheel. Along with the Sapim Double Butted spokes this makes for an extremely efficient wheel aerodynamically. However the Ventus rim depth and width also contributes to extra ordinary lateral and torsional rigidity which helps when sprinting or cornering.

We built the Aeris wheel set to ride like air over rough surfaces, hence its name means air in Latin. By using a 24mm wide and 22mm deep rim along with a 2x2x front lacing pattern and a 3x3x rear lacing pattern the Aeris will take the edge off any rough surface and reduce fatigue. The Aeris is also a great climbing wheel as the rims mass is only 440 grams which contributes to the Aeris's quick spin up. The 24 spokes up front and the 28 spokes in the rear make this a very durable wheel set which can be used for daily use.

We at prowheelbuilder have used our extensive experience to configure a wheel set that utilizes the best non proprietary components available today along with our knowledge of spoke length, spoke tension, stress relieving and truing to supply you with a wheel set we are proud to put our name on.

Aeris wheel sets will ship within 15 business days.The Ventus wheel set is completely hand build, tensioned, trued, stressed and boxed in the USA by Powheelbuilder.com. Our warranty covers all manufacture defects for 2 YEARS. However if you damage the wheel outside of normal wear and tear then we offer a crash replacement program. Save 25% off all item(s) that do not fall under our 2 YEAR warranty and shipping to and from.

PWB Alloy wheel sets uses the following components:

PWB Alloy Rims:
 This is a tubeless compatible rim made from Niobium aluminum with a machined brake track. Niobium is much stronger alloy than standard aluminum which allows the rim to retain strength while remaining very lite. Not all tubeless compatible rims are created the same. This rim has a deep radiused center channel which helps with tire mounting and uses a bead lock system which helps insure the tire will not unseat under low pressure. The machined brake track helps prevent brake oscillation which means smooth consistent braking.

Hub Choice 1: PWB Bitex Hubs: These hubs utlize a 48 tooth drive ring along with two sets of three pawls which gives the rider 3.75 degrees of engagent. Along with cartridge bearings and a 15mm rear axle these hubs out perform many more expensive hubs and have been utlilized by us for many other wheels builds since 2014 with out any issue.

Hub Choice 2: White Industry Hubs: A long time favorite of Prowheelbuilder's, there utilization of over sized Abec 5 bearings, Chromoley axle, Titanium driver body and side load adjustability insures these hubs will out last most others while maintaining the highest of performance standards.

Sapim Spokes: They are the best in the industry! Here is a quick video demonstrating that CLICK HERE.

Sapim Locking Nipples: This nipple uses a unique thread deformation to insure that the nipple will not vibrate loose which can lead to the wheel prematurely going out of true.

Warranty: Our PWB Signature Wheels come with a 2 year warranty. This covers failures such as hub, rims, nipples or spokes due to normal wear. However if you experience a failure to anyone of these components due to impact or crash we will replace the item(s) in question for 25% off retail. Customers are responsible for shipping back to PWB.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer PWB Signature Series
Weight Grams From: 1380gr To: 1730gr
Weight Explained Weights may vary by 2% due to rim extrusions.

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